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The goodsugar Diet Book (Print)

The goodsugar Diet Book (Print)


"This printed book is my most comprehensive diet & lifestyle work to date. It's not bad." —Marcus Antebi, Founder of goodsugar




About The Author Marcus Antebi

In my years of writing for Juice Press and various health publications, I've gained valuable experience in the world of nutrition. But it's my decade of notes and reflection that have led me to a universal approach for confronting one of our greatest challenges: improving our diet and lifestyle patterns.


Through a systematic approach that encompasses nutrition education, childhood trauma healing, meditation, positive thinking, exercise, and beyond, I've helped countless individuals make transformative changes to their health and well-being.


It's not just about what we eat or how we move our bodies, but also about how we think and feel. By taking a holistic approach to our health, we can unlock our full potential and thrive in all aspects of life.


My background in food behavior comes from being sober 35 years and being closely involved with addiction recovery of all types! (I got sober at age 15, in 1985. Whew, how time flies!)


My original concept with Juice Press was to bring the best of the best in food and beverage, knowledge, and resources to the people. I was fortunate to be able to do that for so long. I was also fortunate to interact with countless numbers of people over those ten years. It was through these relationships I was able to develop a The goodsugar Diet. 


In 2023, I opened goodsugar, the restaurant on 69th Street in New York. You might want to come by and check out the quality of the juices and the smoothies. Oh Yeah, we make food, soups, and have a clean bakery. It's unbelievable. Delicious. Fantastic. It's good.


My experience specifically with food and food addiction programs, health paradigms, and general philosophy will speak for itself as you tear through the pages of this book. If this book doesn't help you, I'll give you every penny you spent on it back. Shipping too. I am fearless baby! Whew!

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