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vanilla warfare

vanilla warfare

Decadent • Protein-packed

Vanilla, Pea Protein, Almond Butter, Cinnamon, Hemp Seeds, Banana, Dates, Homemade Almond Milk. 🦢


Vanilla, oh vanilla, so often overlooked, but your complexity and calming effects are often misunderstood. Some say you're plain, but they just don't know, the way you focus and soothe, you're like a calming glow. Perhaps it's because of your common use of ice cream, that people have labeled you as plain, a flavor that's too mainstream. But I know the truth, I see your value, you're a subtle yet powerful ingredient, one that's so true. Mixed with pea protein, almond butter, and more, you create a drink that's healthy, delicious, and never a bore. With homemade almond milk as the base, this drink is packed with nutrients and taste. So let's not overlook vanilla anymore, let's appreciate its complexity and calming allure.


full of
  • Protein
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino Acids
free of
  • Processed Sugar
  • Boxed Plant Milks
  • Animal Products
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Your new favorite
Pure organic Madagascar vanilla. No artificial “flavors” here!
Pea Protein
A high-quality protein that can support exercise recovery and is much preferred to whey protein, which causes inflammation that slows down your body’s recovery
Almond Butter
Healthy fats, protein, and fiber
Powerful anti-inflammatory benefits
Hemp Seeds
Rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants, and protein
One of the best sources of good sugar, which is the body’s preferred source of fuel, bananas contain vitamins, minerals, water, antioxidants and other substances that are vital to the immune system
A pure sweetener tapped from trees; always choose sweeteners with minimal processing like maple
Homemade Almond Milk
You deserve fresh homemade almond milk! You deserve better than pasteurized plant milks out of a box! Trust me. Most of those brands are filled with crap. Some are better than others. Read your labels. And don’t trust “healthy” places if they’re making your smoothie with an alt-milk made with rapeseed (canola) oil