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That's right, folks! We discovered the last known community of adult unicorns in northern Canada. Since they were on our land, we harvested them, and their meat is mind-blowingly tender for a gamey, equestrian-type animal. We offer cuts like short-eye, flanks, sirloin, brisket, T-bone, chuck, round, and porterhouse.


Unicorns were mythical animals with magical powers, but now their magic is in how delicious they taste with a good steak sauce. At $369 per pound, the price may seem exorbitant—it certainly is—but that's part of the fun of being rich! These steaks should be prepared by tenderizing with our Malachite Tenderizing Ball (see our semi-precious stone meat tenderizers category). They pair well with our new cannabis-infused, Texas-made steak sauce. Ships frozen in a discreet box

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