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Minty & Chocolatey • Creamy

Mint, Cacao Nibs, Banana, Chia Seeds, Green Spirulina, Pea Protein, Maple, Homemade Almond Milk ☘️


Enlightenment  is a concept that has been contemplated by many, but its true nature remains elusive. It is possible to say that enlightenment is akin to happiness, but it goes beyond that. It encompasses a deep understanding of oneself and the world around us, as well as compassion, freedom, connection, relaxation, peace, and love. However, it is difficult to fully describe or comprehend enlightenment with words alone. It is up to each individual to explore the possibilities of enlightenment and see if they are capable of experiencing it. While violence, hatred, and distrust exist in the world, there is also the potential for the opposite. Everything in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction, so it is important to strive towards positive actions and thoughts in order to promote harmony and balance.

full of
  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber
  • Protein
free of
  • Processed Sugars
  • Boxed Plant Milks
  • Animal Products
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Seek enlighten-mint
May promote the digestive system by stimulating digestive enzymes
Cacao Nibs
packed with powerful antioxidants, fiber, and minerals, offering potential health benefits such as improved heart health and mood enhancement.
Chia Seeds
Nutritional powerhouse, with omega-3s, antioxidants, and fiber
Green Spirulina
A nutrient-dense superfood, while also being eco-friendly due to its high productivity, low land and water requirements, and potential as a sustainable protein source.
Pea Protein
A high-quality protein that can support exercise recovery and is much preferred to whey protein, which causes inflammation that slows down your body’s recovery
One of the best sources of good sugar, which is the body’s preferred source of fuel, bananas contain vitamins, minerals, water, antioxidants and other substances that are vital to the immune system
As good as a sweetener can get because it's tapped directly from trees. maple contains trace minerals and doesnt shock your system with addictive sweetness like processed and refined sugars do.
Homemade Almond Milk
You deserve fresh homemade almond milk! You deserve better than pasteurized plant milks out of a box! Trust me. Most of those brands are filled with crap. Some are better than others. Read your labels. And don’t trust “healthy” places if they’re making your smoothie with an alt-milk made with rapeseed (canola) oil