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Read this Tee forty times a day until the message sticks. Don't be skeptical.


The Tee reads: " Philosophy can be captivating. The right philosophy can guide us towards a potential ultimate path, offering direct insights that lead to mental relaxation. Mental relaxation transcends mere happiness; it enables us to navigate through sadness and tears. Relaxation and breathing are intertwined; shallow breathing, though seemingly natural and energy-saving, can become a reflexive response to anxiety, constricting our breath.


To restore sanity in our lives, we must embrace deep, intentional breathing, preferably amidst nature's pure air, surrounded by trees and the ocean. While some may view such messages skeptically, they are not solely spiritual but rooted in physiology, logic, and intellect. If compassion arises from these practices, then perhaps it aligns with the essence of spirituality. Let go of philosophies that fail to lead you back to the simplicity of breathing and relaxation; they serve as distractions and time-wasters. Whenever a negative or anxious thought weighs heavily on me, I lose my breath momentarily, stepping out of the present moment and succumbing to distraction. The key is to remember to breathe deeply, engaging in full, slow cycles of breath. This simple act has the power to transform everything."


Available in Salmon, Black, Red, White, Blue, Pink, Sizes: Quantum,XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL,XXXXXXXXXL


Plastic Free, Vegan, Cotton Material, Gluten Free, Made in Brooklyn

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