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[two] chocolate chip cookies

[two] chocolate chip cookies

healthy • delightful


Ingredients: 🍪 🍪 Two Chocolate Chip Cookies: Almond Butter, Chocolate Chips, Cassava Flour, Pecans, Vanilla, Maple, Baking Soda 


Benefits: A nutritious and flavorful treat with numerous health benefits, particularly for children. Almond butter is rich in healthy fats, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium, which support brain development, strong bones, and overall growth in children. Chocolate chips, when chosen with a high cocoa content, provide antioxidants that can improve brain function and support cardiovascular health. Cassava flour is a gluten-free alternative that offers dietary fiber, aiding in digestion and helping maintain stable blood sugar levels, which is particularly beneficial for children’s energy levels and concentration.


Pecans add another layer of nutrition with their healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants, supporting heart health and providing sustained energy. Vanilla adds a delightful flavor while containing antioxidants that help protect the body from oxidative stress. Maple sugar, a natural sweetener, offers beneficial minerals like manganese and zinc, which are important for immune function and overall health. Baking soda, while primarily a leavening agent, contributes to the light and fluffy texture of baked goods, making them more enjoyable for children. Together, these ingredients create a delicious and healthful treat that supports growth, brain development, and overall well-being in children, while also satisfying their cravings for something sweet and tasty.


Kitchen Notes: Crafted with precision and free from refined sugars and flours, this vegan bakery is the purest you'll ever find. Even the most disciplined among us crave sweetness or salt, a crunch, fluff, or delight without fault. Sometimes our bodies yearn for a gentle touch, love, and conversation—simple pleasures as such. And if we cannot find what we truly need, we turn to food for comfort, for a soothing feed. There's no shame in that, for we're all human indeed; the toughest of souls seek solace when they're in need. Deep down inside, a childlike heart still beats, longing for affection, tenderness, and treats. Let's cherish these moments and enjoy each sweet, celebrating the beauty of life in every heartbeat. It's really excellent tasting.

full of
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Healthy Fats
free of
  • Refined Sugar
  • Processed Ingredients
  • Dairy & Gluten
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No Adult Supervision Required
Almond Butter
Healthy fats, protein, and fiber
Cassava also known as «yuca» and «arrowroot» makes a good alternative to standard flours for those who cannot have gluten
As natural as a sweetener can get, because it's tapped directly from trees
Sea Salt
Sea salt is minimally processed, so it naturally contains various minerals.