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You're a Pig!

Did you know that humans are omnivorous creatures, with a diet more similar to that of pigs than to the diet of any other animal? Humans and pigs consume the widest variety of bioavailable matter, both natural and unnatural.

But we differ from pigs in a certain way: Unlike humans, pigs will always instinctively make better food choices when given the option.

No other animal will make the dietary mistakes that we make! We make lifestyle choices (dietary and otherwise) based on emotions and the need to feel good in a given moment. Those choices are often not what’s best for our biological needs.

We are also misinformed. The food industry and our society support ridiculous ideas about nutrition and medicine. Many medicines prevent us from suffering many of the horrible consequences of our poor eating habits. So collectively we fail to learn the lessons that those consequences should teach us.

Additionally, most people are depleted of their vital energy force because of poor food choices. Vital force, an enhancement to the immune system, is the energy supply that is left over after all of your daily activities, including digestion of food. When you have more energy than is needed to carry out daily activities and are a biologically cleaner organism (which results from wise lifestyle choices), you acquire this energy reserve. That reserve is helpful to your immune system.

So what is the ideal diet for humans? Should we be eating bananas all day like our ape cousins do? Should we be ravenous meat eaters like the big cats? Or are we designed to graze like cattle? None of the above.

We are actually similar to pigs, bears, and piranhas. We are omnivores. However, we have longer digestive transit times than most other animals. That’s why flesh foods are not ideal for us: Flesh foods easily ferment or rot in our digestive system because they stay there too long.

Eating anything and everything is acceptable, but not optimal for longevity.

Indigenous tribes and rural Japanese fishermen are healthier than most other people because they eat smaller portions of food obtained from pristine environments. Their intensely rich spiritual world views also play a major role in their success (dietary and otherwise) and long life spans. But we do not live in the same conditions that they do.

We live with pollution, stress, and tainted food supplies. What's worse, nearly everything we eat is processed. In the modern diet, our systems are burdened with processed foods that require enormous force to digest.

That's why we need to assist our natural bodily cleansing and detoxing processes with full fasts, juice fasts, colonics, meditation, writing, talking to others, religious or spiritual practices, and other measures. There are many ways to cleanse and many aspects of our being that continually need cleansing or detoxing. This is called healing, and we do it every moment of every day.

The ultimate way to cleanse as it pertains to diet is to first leave out processed foods. Doing so will allow the mechanisms of the body to take over and do what they were designed to do: heal!

You can assist in the healing process by doing juice cleanses of durations ranging from 6 hours to 30 days—whatever you can mentally and physically handle. Also, incorporate more raw foods, smoothies, and pure unadulterated supplements into your everyday diet.

Some experts may disagree. I suspect that many of them may not have mastered their own diets. And many experts base their diets on modern, western nutritional science, which has not been updated sufficiently over the years. Modern science is behind in the area of nutrition, and is sometimes mistaken regarding other health-related matters: Keep in mind the example of scientists and doctors who believed that smoking was not particularly unhealthy back in the 1950s.

It is not the goal of this program to convert people into vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, etc. You’ve got to decide where you want your calories and nutrients to come from. Having said that, the problem I have with most nutrition books and diets is that they pander to what they believe the reader will follow and respond to positively versus just presenting fact-based scientific data. One such fact is that no human ever became ill, whether from an iron deficiency or anemia, and so on, from abstaining from flesh foods, such as red meat, chicken and fish. If a person converts to a plant based diet and later has deficiencies, 100% of the time it is because they are not getting enough calories from a broad spectrum of produce.

Moreover, just because a person converts to a vegetarian or vegan diet, does not mean they discontinued other major dietary mistakes such as eating processed food, that can contribute in an enormous way to ailments such and problems. So, while I am not trying to convert people into a plant-based lifestyle, I feel that I do need to defend it because there is so much misinformation out there about one of the most rational conclusions to draw from evidence based observations: plant-based diets are great. Like anything in this world, the devil is in the details. If you execute poorly on a plant-based diet, you will have poor results. If you do not get the small details right in any diet, there may not be a wide margin for error for you.

Depending on your overall chemistry, you may get away with ‘murder’ in your diet. While others suffer greatly when they make the tiniest mistake. Everyone is different.

Everyone is different, has a different mindset, has a different threshold for discomfort, and everyone has deeply rooted beliefs on what they’re supposed to be eating. That includes a doctor that still gives advice to a patient about eating more red meat for its iron, or more milk for calcium.

Overtime as the professionals in the field of health and wellness develop more awareness that certain mindsets are not working, they can convey that knowledge to the public at large.

There was a time when people believed that Red meat was the best source of iron, the best source of calcium was cow’s milk, and that if you wanted Omega’s you had to eat fish oil. It’s hard to believe that people think that protein is a solution to every physical problem. It’s not. It’s crazy to think I lived in an era that the best scientific minds could not put two and two together and write a comprehensive book on ending food addiction, obesity, food related illness, and the end of food related suffering.

There’s simply not enough great knowledge out there yet for the truth seeker to rely on fully. The goodsugar Diet is an accurate approach to positively impacting your chemistry. The main premise of this diet approach is to eliminate mistakes and rely on plants for all of your dietary needs, starting with getting enough calories. If you follow the concepts in this program you will likely succeed.

The factors beyond my control of your success are your genetic makeup, your overall emotional state of being and your environmental factors. Your health will realize immediate improvement for every mistake that you leave out. Your limitations for improvement will be equal to the types of mistakes you leave in your diet and your overall lifestyle, and the problems from environmental and genetic factors.

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