which of these is good sugar?

which of these is good sugar?

goodsugar, a plant-based restaurant founded by the creator of Juice Press in the heart of New York City, is dedicated to the promotion of a healthier lifestyle by discerning between beneficial and harmful sugars.

At goodsugar, we emphasize the distinction between naturally occurring sugars found in all fruits and vegetables—referred to as good sugar—and the detrimental processed and refined sugars deemed as bad sugar.

In the broader context of nutritional history, an unfortunate misconception emerged when individuals universally grew apprehensive about consuming fruits and starchy vegetables due to their sugar content. This trend originated from the widespread adoption of refined and processed foods created by the food industry. The subsequent addiction to these items led to a global health crisis, prompting the medical industry to advocate for avoiding processed sugar.

However, the crucial message was often misinterpreted. The medical industry's guidance was to steer clear of "processed sugar," not to eliminate sugar altogether. Regrettably, the public at large misunderstood, assuming a blanket avoidance of all sugars was recommended.

Now, with the passage of many years, the misconception persists that all sugar is inherently detrimental. This belief is erroneous. Achieving a healthy lifestyle doesn't entail complete sugar avoidance; rather, it requires an understanding of the distinction between good and bad sugars. Good sugar, found in abundance in fruits and vegetables, is essential for sustaining health.

As human beings, we are inherently carbohydrate-burning machines. Carbohydrates, primarily sourced from fruits and vegetables, form the foundation of our diet. A clean diet unveils the truth: to maintain optimal energy levels, fruits and vegetables are key. The key lies in consuming them in appropriate proportions, maintaining balance based on individual health and activity levels. Rejecting the notion of a one-size-fits-all solution, we encourage individuals to tailor their plant-based food choices according to their unique needs, promoting a sustainable and personalized approach to health.

The other mistake that people make is believing that if they’re pre-diabetic or diabetic then they have to avoid all sugar or they’re going to feel terrible. The truth is that if you have a blood sugar issue then the first thing you should do is eliminate all processed food and dramatically reduce your intake of animal protein. Just by doing those two things it’s likely that your blood sugar will come in to balance very quickly.

However, someone with type two diabetes might not ever get off of their dependency on insulin. but their dependency may be reduced if they clean up their diet and get plenty of exercise and rest.

There is no hospital in the world with a ward filled with people who eat too much fruit. There isn’t a single place on the planet for treatment for people who consumed too many apples and bananas.

There’s another thing about good sugar that you need to understand. That is that if you rob your body of its needed sugar from fruit, you’re accidentally depriving healthy cells of the fuel they need to thrive and survive. In doing so, it gives cancer cells an unfair advantage.

Cancer cells are mutated. One of their mutations is that they have more insulin receptors, which means that they will take whatever sugar is available in the bloodstream. When that happens, it causes good healthy cells to be starving, weak, and deprived.

The way to approach your diet is to recognize that you need to have a certain amount of sugar from fruit and starchy vegetables every day. You need not be afraid of such good sugar as long as you eliminate all your dietary mistakes and don’t go overboard on your caloric intake. In other words, you can’t do things along the lines of eating 35 bananas a day. In such a scenario, you would be taking in too many calories and be likely to go into glycemic shock.

To young men and young women concerned with six pack abs and tight thighs I say this: You don’t need a mountain of protein in order to achieve your muscularity goals. You just need an ample amount of calories and a lot of exercise. You should not run a marathon fueled by filet mignon, Red Bull, chocolates, and Ring Dings.

The fuel for the elite athlete is fruit. If you’re not an elite athlete and you just want to feel good, then you can add things into your diet such as greens and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes. You can even have an occasional sweet treat as long as it’s not made with processed sugar, refined white flour, and preservatives. Eating such things will disrupt your endocrine system and eventually make you ill.

Don’t be afraid of embracing dietary change for the better. Just do the right thing.

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