when we are hungry

when we are hungry

When we experience hunger or cravings, it can be seen as a deeper longing for fulfillment and a desire to connect with the universal energies. Our bodies inherently trust that our higher selves will provide the substances they truly need. For example, when we feel thirsty, our bodies hope for the nourishment of water. Similarly, love itself creates chemical reactions in our bodies, making it akin to a substance. If we don't feel loved, we may seek to fill that void with other things. Food often becomes the go-to for some individuals, as it temporarily alleviates the emptiness caused by past experiences.

To transform this behavior, it requires a significant amount of self-work. We must develop awareness of our true selves and examine our lifelong patterns since conception. Radical changes in behavior are necessary, even if we start with small, simple steps and gradually build upon them. While others can support us along the way, the ultimate responsibility lies with ourselves. It is a journey of self-help.

In this process, it is crucial to forgive ourselves for any mistakes we have made. Right now, we are here, alive, and capable of change. When we find the courage to improve our character, whether consciously or not, our shifts in consciousness contribute to the collective development. Every positive success story benefits the growth of all living beings.

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