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What if I Hate Vegetables More Than Anything Else?

I really feel for you if your appetite is set up that way—I’m terribly sorry that that’s the case. But I have a hard time imagining any other creature that wouldn’t be disgusted by what the ordinary human diet is.

I make that statement just as a bit of fun. And perhaps I’m being judgmental by making it. I’m very aware that I’m not the perfect person to describe how to fix that aspect of your diet.

You probably know that science is in my favor regarding dangers of flesh-based foods. Medical people tell those with digestive illnesses to reduce fat intake, processed food, and cow’s milk, and they also tell them to eat more fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens.

Doctors have been giving advice along these lines since the 1970s. Before that it was likely that the doctor told such people to eat more chicken versus red meat and to switch from eating white bread to eating whole wheat bread. That was pretty much the extent of the good dietary advice that the medical community gave to the people at the time.

Over the last 50 years, the world has been getting more overweight than ever before. And I don’t profit from this. The last thing I want to see is other people suffering. I’m also trying to help you to make the connection between bad dietary choices and people suffering. But I remember a lot of years of just simply being in denial. There was nothing that anyone could tell me to make me hear something that I didn’t want to hear. It was likely because I wasn’t ready to change, or because I disagreed, or both. I didn’t disagree because I had a deep level of knowledge. I just knew what my cravings were but I didn’t want the discomfort of not listening to all of my impulses and urges.

It’s uncomfortable for a person, especially a person with lots of anxiety, to have urges that they can’t fulfill and cravings that they can’t satiate. But I have to tell you the truth about these matters, and I also hope to share my experience, strength, and hope with you.

When I was involved with my company (Juice Press) for approximately 10 years, I taught hundreds, if not thousands of people throughout New York City and other major cities to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh cold, pressed organic juice. When you drink juice you get a lot of produce without having to gag on it, and it tastes great, but only if it’s very cold. (If you drank juice from really dark, leafy green vegetables at room temperature you probably wouldn't like it.) That’s the beauty of cold-pressed juice—the cold temperature makes it taste great, like a smoothie. Certain foods taste better at different temperatures; I think pasta only tastes good when it’s warm.

So, if you’re thinking that it’s really important for you to get more dark, hard-to-eat leafy greens into your system, think about blending them into smoothies and mixing them up with something sweet. For example, you could have a berry smoothie with bananas and put tons of fresh spinach in it. Add some ice cubes and some dates or other fruits. Sugar from whole fruit is 1 trillion times better than a processed and refined sugar.

You will get benefits from the sugar in fruit, e.g., energy. Because the sugar isn’t refined, it isn’t going to wreak havoc on your chemistry the way that processed, refined sugar does. In some of my other other articles, I give details regarding how refined sugar affects your chemistry; the chemistry behind it is actually very simple.

In conclusion, if you’re having a hard time getting used to leafy greens and even cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, please get yourself a blender and a juice machine. It’s so easy to create the lifestyle pattern of getting good nutrition from juices and smoothies. For the first couple of months you may kick and scream. You will have to do cleanup and you’ll have to buy things. But the tremendous payoff will be that you’ll feel fantastic, you’ll get healthier, and you will live for a thousand years.

Having the ability to make juices and smoothies at home will definitely mean that you’ll make better choices more than half the time. They’ll be an immediate improvement in your chemistry every time you do so. Metaphorically speaking, your body will forgive you right away for every sin that you might have committed. This will happen because you repented of your dietary error, did something healthy, and engaged in positive thinking while you were in the process.

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