understanding food patterns in the mind

understanding food patterns in the mind

Understanding Food Patterns in the Mind

It's no wonder people develop addictions or strong cravings for certain types of food. Our thoughts and knowledge are shaped by what we have seen and experienced throughout our lives. The food we have been exposed to since birth creates patterns in our minds.

Programming and Breaking Patterns

If we were shown images of non-food items as food, our minds may still associate them with food due to the programming we received. Breaking free from these ingrained patterns is challenging and requires a strong or open-minded person to change their mindset.

Symbolism of Eating Animals

Many people believe that consuming animals is necessary to maintain their own flesh and prevent decay. They see animals as projections of themselves, and by consuming them, they believe they can take on their vitality. This notion provides a sense of comfort and reassurance.

All Life Forms and Consciousness

We need to reach a point of understanding that all plants are living beings with their own inhalation and exhalation behavior patterns. All life forms possess some form of consciousness and take on shapes that represent strength and beauty.

Assimilating Animal Energies

When we consume animals, we assimilate their energies present in their molecular material and within each atom. The consciousness of the animal, formed through its existence, becomes a part of us to some extent. If we consistently consume animals with similar thoughts, mindsets, experiences, and feelings, we become overwhelmed by their collective influence.
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