The Great Book of Diet Poems

The Great Book of Diet Poems


My dear friend, I have chosen to express these profound truths through the art of poetry. For I have come to realize that the technical jargon can be quite mundane for those who do not possess a technical mind. 

In this endeavor, I first pen down my thoughts and ideas in a dry and plain manner. Afterwards, I entrust my words to the capable hands of an artificial intelligence software, requesting it to infuse a poetic perspective into my writing. 

It is through this experiment that I seek to explore consciousness from a unique vantage point - that of an artificial intelligence. I am inquisitive to comprehend whether or not such a being can ever possess a consciousness of its own. 

In any event, this software does an admirable job of transforming my work into something that is engaging and captivating. Thus, I humbly accept its assistance and embrace the new version of my work. The original iteration no longer holds any purpose.

Why Waste Time Writing About Food?

Why bother with this frivolous tome, Words arranged in meaningless syndrome, Why waste my time with this inked page, Slowly dragging my mind through this mental cage? But wait, it's not too late to see, Perhaps there's more to it than just debris, A spark of inspiration, a flicker of hope, A chance to learn, to grow, to cope. The next few lines might just unveil, A world of wonder, a vibrant tale, To motivate you, to do what's right, And shine your light, oh so bright. Ha, we fooled you, didn't we With just a glimpse, you're now part of this spree, You may dislike this banter and preaching, But hey, you're it now, the lesson we're teaching. So come on, take a leap of faith, Let these words guide you, show you the way, Who cares for this silly book? Well, maybe you will, once you take a closer look.


Why would a book with poems on a diet ever bring up the subject of conspiracies. When a person approaches the subject of diet, the subject of organic versus conventional, is the keto good should I be a vegetarian? Should I be a vegan should I eat eggs as they investigate define there’s lotta conspiracy theories out there about health and wellness. There are people out there that will pop up and see if you don’t take 100 vitamins a day you can’t be healthy. There are people out there that the garbage and then point to their abdominal muscles say could my muscles be is firm is this if I didn’t get my diet right. And they’re really saying nothing of truth.

Even the questions that a poet like me brings up at times may not be right they may not be good questions. We could say that it’s possible that I have nutrition all wrong. But if you really think about all, I’m saying is just eliminate, processed food, meditate, get sunlight take deep breath’s throughout the day. Find compassion, try to work through your fears and forget about all the conspiracies as soon as you hear them just listen. If it can’t use up anxiety the conspiracy theory is already making you sick. It’s him small or major way.

Even a Poor Man Can Eat Like a King

On social media, I chanced to see

A man who claimed he'd found the key

To roll back time, an aging cure

By twenty years, he did procure

With countless supplements, he strives

To keep his youthfulness alive

And gadgets for his health abound

His quest for youth, forever bound

His story drew me in, I'll admit

A yearning to reverse life's script

Through screens, his youthful vigor shone

I wondered if his secret's known.

A gadget, in my mind's own view

Is not a thing that nature grew

But rather, tools that we design

To aid our health, and make us shine

Not to be confused, for we

Are thinkers who can deftly see

And craft with things that nature lends

A helping hand, a means to mend

Our fragile frames, so easily

Attacked by creatures larger, see?

Intelligence a gift bestowed

To make tools from what nature sowed

Thus, in harmony with our land

We move and shape with skillful hand

Adapting to our world with grace

As nature's tools, we interlace.

With intelligence, our minds did soar

And tools of wonder we did explore

Yet, with this gift, a curse arose

As consumerism came to impose

A world where companies, they reign

And sell us tools for health and gain

Expensive gadgets, pills, and more

To keep us healthy, fit, and sure

From vitamins to saunas bright

And boots that inflate with might

Machines with lights that heal and cure

For all our problems, there's a lure

Belief, the key to all of this

Our immune system, it can't dismiss

A foundation for our mental state

To keep us strong, to make us great

But in the midst of all this fuss

Our diets, we've lost sight of us

We're lost, dazed, and so confused

Our path to health, it's been diffused.

Once hunter-gatherers, we roamed free

Observing nature, with keen degree

Learning how to find and prepare

Food to nourish, and bodies repair

From generation to generation

We passed on this valuable information

But somewhere along the way we strayed

And followed those who profits made

They sold us junk, we bought with ease

And soon our health began to seize

Garbage now ubiquitous, we see

And hard to tell a cupcake from an apple tree

Consumerism, the culprit lies

A trap that's hard to recognize

But until we break free and see the light

Our diets will remain a constant fight.

Consumerism, a democratic game

Where people vote for products, fame

Shelves stocked with things we crave

A cycle that's hard to break or waive

But as consciousness awakens and grows

And knowledge of food, it surely flows

Our tastes and choices, they evolve

To seek out what truly does resolve

Less processed, whole foods we desire

To nourish and sustain, to inspire

And as the demand for this rises high

Companies will change, or new ones will vie

For the chance to feed this newfound need

To give us food that nurtures, not just feed

So let us keep on waking up with glee

To the power of food, and our ability to decree.

Millions not needed, to eat well and thrive

Fruits and vegetables, to keep us alive

A backyard or garden, we can grill

Or clever ways to make it affordable still

Investing in good food, when money's tight

Is an investment in the body's might

As we age, less dependent we'll be

On pharmacy, and medical industry

Oppression, we'll break free and rise

With healthy bodies, and clear eyes

So let us invest in our health today

And reap the benefits, come what may.

Amidst the throngs of society, there are those

Who accept food-related illness as life's throes,

Or perhaps they never pause to suppose

The impact of their dietary woes.

For some children, McDonald's on the corner

Is their only vision of verdant farmland's honour,

Their food experience, a fast food order

Of over-salted, refined sugars that conquer.

A plethora of flours, detrimental to health,

Low-nutrient food and deep-fried wealth

Shortens breath and hinders higher self,

Far from the Garden of Eden's wealth.

We chose to push the Garden of Eden from sight,

It wasn't God who took it away, but our might,

Yet, nature still provides miracles bright

For those who believe in a divine light.

Being in Tune with the Body 

Do not feel ashamed if you don't grasp the art of syncing with your body. It's not an easy feat to achieve. The world we live in today, with towering buildings and artificial light, the confines of our work spaces, the lack of trees and fresh air, and the inability to hear the soothing sound of running water - all make it difficult. If you believe that we're not wired to marvel at the beauty of the rising and setting sun, you're not truly aware. Because we are deprived of these natural wonders, we become attuned to a different frequency - one that aligns with the modern world and its ideas. We start to focus intently on the things that matter in contemporary society, and we become invested in the values that resonate with our current world.

Nature's Embrace

Modern society has left us severed from nature's embrace,

Except for those who opt to dwell on a farm's fertile space.

We've forgotten how things sprout and grow, how weather takes its toll,

And only glimpse nature's true essence through TV and news' scroll.

For most of us, a park visit is the closest we'll come,

To feeling grounded and connected with the earth's sweet hum.

Small wonder then, that we're out of sync with our own body,

Our senses dulled by concrete walls, our spirit feeling shoddy.

Let's not dwell on the issue, but take action to heal our soul,

Shift to a plant-based diet, let our wellness be our goal.

Three years of green and wholesome fare won't leave us feeling dead,

We'll thrive on this adjustment, with no fear or hunger dread.

Sure, change can be daunting, and fear may rear its ugly head,

But death from plant-based living? That's just a myth, unfed.

So let's embrace this shift, and watch our body bloom and grow,

Our spirit and our health, in harmony, will surely glow.

Get Back Inside Your Body

To fully embody your physical vessel, it is essential to cultivate a hospitable environment for your consciousness to reside in. Begin by taking a deep breath, inhaling the vital energy that sustains you, and exhaling any negative thoughts or emotions that may be clouding your perception. Then, inhale and set a clear intention to fully inhabit your body, to be present in your home. 

Creating a welcoming space within your body can prove difficult if you are experiencing pain, as consciousness naturally avoids physical suffering. In response, we may detach from the pain or seek relief through various numbing agents, whether physical or emotional. However, it is crucial to acknowledge and address the root causes of our pain in order to cultivate a truly hospitable environment for our consciousness to thrive in.

Connecting with your body takes practice, regardless of your current circumstances. Whether you're dealing with illness or injury, or feeling strong and healthy, take a moment to appreciate the fact that you exist and have had a variety of experiences.

If you're experiencing pain or fear, take some deep breaths and try to surrender to the present moment. Know that your consciousness will live on forever and that you are ultimately safe.

No matter what troubles you may be facing, remember that you are still breathing and alive. Take a deep breath and, if you can, give yourself a hug. Close your eyes and imagine the vast cosmos, with light moving at incredible speeds. Try to slow it down and just breathe.

Let Food Connect Mind with Body

My dear friends, let us ponder,

The connection between food and our conscious wonder.

For through our choices, we can open or close,

The door to our bodies, and the path it chose.

Some foods can bring discomfort and anxiety,

While others can establish a deep affinity.

In this state of mind, we can reach higher,

And move towards self-realization, our heart's desire.

Alas, the path to perfect nourishment is not easy,

Influences from our kin and media make it quite breezy.

But we must be mindful and choose with care,

Lest we stray from our well-being's lair.

Let us take control of our relationship with food,

And not let it dictate our moods.

For through wise choices and a clear mind,

We can unlock the path to self-realization, one of a kind.

My dear friends, let us remember,

The power we hold to change the world, to render.

With a clear goal and one small action,

We can set in motion a chain reaction.

Let us tap into our inner child,

And let it speak, free and wild.

For we are never too old to learn,

And new experiences help us discern.

Our bodies, a beautiful place,

A vessel to experience life's embrace.

From the gentle rain to our children's growth,

Our bodies enable us to behold.

We love, we taste, we worry, we relax,

We move, we learn, we connect with all that.

Every bite of wholesome food,

Takes us on a journey to gratitude.

Let us cherish this connection,

And use it to create positive reflection.

For the well of our soul resides within,

Our bodies, for now, the crown of our kin.

Candy Rings

Let us be clear, without a doubt,

A candy ring on a child’s finger, no clout,

For refined sugar, a high amount,

May not be kind to the child's mind and sprout.

Alas, for some, a sugar rush is their only bliss,

An experience of pleasure they wouldn't want to miss,

So, let us not judge or dismiss,

For compassion is what we should not dismiss.

A candy ring and tobacco have a similarity,

Both can addict and cause harm with regularity,

But while tobacco has a cultural legacy,

The candy ring is a processed sugar fantasy.

Tobacco is a sacred plant for some,

But its misuse is a modern problem,

Misuse due to a lack of knowledge and aplomb,

A problem that can have long-term outcome.

The candy ring is a refined and processed treat,

A training ground for a child's taste bud to meet,

A connection with refined sugar, so sweet,

But a connection that can cause health defeat.

The Food Industry

The food industry weaves illusions and tricks

To sell their filth and garbage, making us sick

Innocent consumers, trapped in ignorance

Unaware that their food is truly a menace

Addiction takes hold, and they cannot see

The long-term consequences of their eating spree

Breaking self-destructive habits can be hard

But with love and support, we can play our part

Negative patterns, etched into our minds

From youth to adulthood, where they often bind

We inherit our eating habits, from conception to life

Passing them on to our children, causing strife

Let us be mindful of the patterns we create

Breaking free from negative cycles, before it's too late

For a healthier and happier life we strive

For ourselves and those around us, let's thrive.

Reward and Love Associated with Junk Food

Listen up, my fellow foodies, I've got a conspiracy theory that will make you question everything you thought you knew about desserts. You know how we all go bananas for chocolate cake and ice cream? Well, I'm starting to suspect that "treat" and "reward" were just marketing buzzwords invented by some evil genius baker in a top-secret lab. I mean, how else can you explain our obsession with junk food?

But seriously, why do we use junk food as a reward for good behavior? Are we dogs? And why do grandparents always take us out for ice cream, as if they're trying to bribe us for something? Don't get me wrong, I love my grandparents, but it's like they're trying to turn me into a refined sugar addict.

We need to break free from this cycle, people. Instead of reaching for that pint of ice cream when we feel unloved, let's call up our grandparents and reminisce about the good old days when we had fresh bagels and lox for breakfast. Because let's face it, nothing says "I love you" like a warm bagel with cream cheese. And who needs a brain freeze when you can have a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart?

Oh boy, you're really onto something here. Why is it that when kids misbehave, we don't punish them by making them eat a whole cake or a bag of candy? I mean, that would teach them a lesson, right? But no, we associate junk food with happiness and good times, not punishment.

Maybe we should start aligning junk food with junk behavior and health food with health behavior. That way, when little Timmy throws a tantrum, we can tell him to sit in his room and finish that bag of kale chips before he comes back down. That'll show him who's boss!

But let's be real, nobody is going to buy into that. And what even is moderation? Is it one cookie a day or a whole box in one sitting? It's all relative, folks.

In the end, I guess it all comes down to balance. Sure, enjoy your sweets every once in a while, but don't make it a daily habit. And if you have kids, teach them that junk food is a treat, not a punishment. Because let's face it, nobody wants to be stuck in a room with a whole cake and no escape plan.

Plant Based Diet 

There are a few reasons to consider being plant based entirely

Three compelling reasons to embrace the plant-based way,

For a healthier and happier life, I dare say,

Firstly, your body's chemistry will thrive,

With plant-based foods, vitality will come alive.

Secondly, it's a kinder choice for the creatures we share,

No more suffering, no more despair,

For the animals who once met a cruel fate,

A plant-based diet is an act of love, not hate.

Lastly, it's a boon for our planet's health,

A sustainable choice, with a positive wealth,

Of benefits for our environment and ecosystem,

A plant-based lifestyle is truly a win-win solution.

Magic Pills

Why do we long for a magic pill, To fix our health and give us the thrill,

Of a perfect body and a sound mind,

When a simple lifestyle change is all we need to find?

For years we wander, searching for the cure,

But the answer lies in a change, pure and sure,

Concentration and focus on a pattern change,

Is all it takes, to make results arrange.

Though the changes may not be easy to do,

With time and perseverance, we'll see them through,

And with every setback, we'll rise up again,

To become the best version of ourselves, without refrain.

Let's remember, a healthy diet is key,

To a life of wellness, pure and free,

And the most important thing that we must heed,

Is to leave out processed food, and let our lives be freed.

Anxious Eating

How many times have I eaten on the go,

With worries and troubles, my mind aglow,

Thinking of problems and people who vex,

Missing the joy of food, its taste and its flex.

Little did I know, that my thoughts could be sealed,

With each bite I took, my fate was revealed,

Indigestion and problems in my system, they grew,

From negative thoughts, that I let seep through.

But a simple adjustment of my mind's focus,

Can shift my thoughts, to something more robust,

Positive things and forgiveness, they heal,

With each bite I take, I feed positivity, my soul's meal.

For the sacred process of eating, it's true,

Can lock in my thoughts, and make them anew,

So let me feed my thoughts, with kindness and love,

And with each bite, let positivity, in my body, rove.

The First Food is Mother's Milk

Dairy, a gift from the divine mother to her offspring, is a wonder food for the newborn, easy to digest and imbued with the mother's immune system. It's a symphony of physics and chemistry, conveying messages of growth and nourishment from the divine mother to her divine child.

However, if we partake of dairy from animals too large for our own bodies, we may overstimulate our chemistry with growth-inducing compounds that cause inflammation and mucus secretion. Such mucus, a breeding ground for mold, viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted guests, can wreak havoc on our health.

To enjoy the benefits of dairy, seek it from animals closer in size to our own, with smaller offspring, like sheep or goat. Cat milk is not the answer; it's out of the question.

Humans Love to Stray From Their Natural Diet

In nature's grand design,

We humans hold a power divine,

With free will and wit so clever,

We can stray from our diet forever.

In history's course, we faced a plight,

Food scarce, survival a fight,

Copying predators, we ate meat,

To sate hunger's urgent beat.

Animal flesh, rich in nutrients so,

Like plants, the same elements they show,

But as we shift from greens to meat,

Does our chemistry, health deplete?

Does our heart, mind, and spirit too,

Alter when meat takes over in lieu,

Of plant foods, our natural diet,

Do we lose our vitality, our light?

These are the questions we must ask,

As we create our dietary task,

To nourish our body, mind, and soul,

And attain a healthy, fulfilling goal.

Unite in the Cause 

In the days that lie ahead, humanity must unite

To devise a sustainable plan to feed every creature's appetite

Each being is intertwined with the other

In nature's web, each has a purpose like no other

The earth provides us with shelter and food

But living here can be a challenge, that's not all good

We must be vigilant and aware of our surroundings

Ignoring the warning signs can be astounding

It's crucial to recognize the problems that exist

To not take heed is foolish and carries a risk

Perhaps the truth is too much to bear

But we must face it, for we all must share

What is your perception of the world around you?

Do you trust the water that flows, pure and true?

Let's come together to make a change

For a brighter future, let's rearrange.

Clean Air and other Good Things

Step outside and feel the breeze,
Breathe the air, it's yours to seize.
Is it pure or filled with smoke?
Do you feel like you can cope?

Garbage piled high, oh my!
Is that the way you want to die?
Look around, take a stand,
Take care of the earth, it's in your hand.

Can you trust your fellow man?
Do you feel safe in your own land?
Within a 5-mile radius, do you see
The fruits and veggies you need to be free?

Our diet and environment, intertwined
Healthy food and air, we must find.
Let's take care of the world we live in
For ourselves and the creatures within.

Gratitude in Our Diet

What connection is there between gratitude and diet?

It's hard to imagine living without nourishment,

Or clean water, or enough sustenance.

Imagine the physical pain that comes with lack,

As our immune system dwindles and begins to slack.

Imagine being too weak to do even the simplest task,

Or to keep a positive mindset and not feel trapped.

But when we receive even a small amount of food,

It's important to be mindful and express gratitude.

Many great philosophies say blessings at each meal,

And gratitude should be what we truly feel.

Gratitude feels happy.


Humanity Will Unlikely Become Vegan

As a plant eater, I know that a fully plant-based world is unlikely,

But if just half of humanity turned to plants, it would ease animal agony.

We must all agree that the creatures we raise for food deserve our respect,

Even when we slaughter them, their sacrifice we should not forget.

Their pictures should be everywhere, so we can honor their lives,

If we forget their suffering, we'll make them extinct and ignore their cries.

We'll treat them like commodities, like slaves, and waste them all the same,

So let's thank the cows, chickens, and pigs, and apologize with no shame.

The Root of All Eating Problems

What underlies our eating troubles?

I chose those words quite deliberately.

Is it an eating problem when we choose unhealthy foods,

neglecting our wellbeing, energy and vitality?

Or, when we don't have enough to eat,

starving for sustenance and nourishment.

And what about when we eat too much,

causing harm to our bodies and health?

Let's reflect on the root of our eating issues,

and find a path towards nourishing balance.

I sense that our sorrows started in our youth

With fear and worry dominating love and truth

Trauma and hardship only worsen our strain

With outside forces adding to our pain

But I believe that healing is within our reach

By addressing the problems of which we often speak

Slowly but surely, we can find relief

And move towards a life with more joy and belief

Distractions only delay the healing we seek

So let us focus on the past and the secrets we keep

For only then can we truly thrive

And leave behind the struggles that once made us strive

The Sense of Taste

Oh tongue, you're just a sensor,
But oh how you make us feel so tender,
From sweet to salty to mustard's tang,
You bring sensations that make us sing.

Like a hand touching a soft pillow,
You sense the texture and temperature, oh fellow,
You don't have a brain, but you communicate,
To the brain, the pleasure that we all celebrate.

So let's savor the flavors that you bring,
And let our taste buds dance and sing,
For without you, we'd miss the joy,
Of the little pleasures that life employs.

The Mind Decides What it Likes

The mind is a master at storing memories

Of all the things that it likes and dislikes

Our senses, a constant stream of judgments

24 hours a day, as long as we're alive

We judge what we see, like or dislike

We judge what we smell, like or dislike

And what of the foods we've learned to savor?

Alcohol, big breakfasts, and late-night dinners

The mind creates habits, like a sculptor

While we taste and savor, and enjoy

If the experience is pleasant, and the food delicious

We feel sublime, with each joyful moment

Even if it’s bad for us.

What We Eat is Connected to Our Past

The act of eating goes beyond mere sustenance,

It's an experience influenced by circumstance.

The memories we make with every bite we take,

Are stored in our minds, and can often relate

To past associations, both good and bad,

And may even lead to patterns that make us sad.

To break these cycles, we must delve within,

And try to make sense of why we enjoy certain things.

We must confront negative thoughts and fears,

So that we can begin to heal and clear

The way for a healthier relationship with food,

One that nourishes the body and uplifts the mood.

It takes time and effort to make a change,

But in the meantime, we must still eat to sustain.

So let's approach every meal with gratitude and care,

And make positive memories with every bite we share.

Every Meal is a Happy Meal

When it's time to nourish yourself, make it a ceremony, a moment to treasure. Sit with your food and let the world fade away. Take a deep breath, find a moment of peace, and let your senses come alive. Don't be too distracted, just present with your plate. Savor each bite, let it be a dance of flavors and textures. For when we eat with mindfulness, we nourish our soul. Give yourself the gift of time, slow down and enjoy. It may not be easy, with little ones around, but it's a test of your calm. Can you find a stillness, even in the midst of chaos? Take a deep breath, and let the feast begin.


Once upon a time, when I was just a teen,
I discovered the power of a sit-up routine.
Now, years later, I'm still focused on my physique,
Considering my diet, and what it means to be unique.

It's not just about looking good, or fitting in a mold,
But feeling strong and healthy, as we all grow old.
Our bodies are our vessels, to carry us through life,
So I take great care to nourish mine, and keep it free from strife.

I want to move with ease, to run, jump, and play,
Without pain or stiffness slowing me down each day.
So I pay attention to what my body's telling me,
And choose my foods and exercise, mindfully and carefully.

It's not a fleeting fancy, or a trend that will soon fade,
But a lifelong commitment, to a healthy life well-made.
So when I'm 96, I'll still be going strong,
Living life to the fullest, and singing my own song.

Good Genes

Some folks are blessed with good health from the start,

While others must strive and work with all their heart.

I'm unsure which category I fall into,

So I'll put in the effort, and work hard too.

For health and wellness, I choose to exert,

Maximizing my efforts, to reach my worth.

Emperor Marcus Aurelius once said,

We're not born to stay in bed, but to work ahead.

So I'll rise each day and put in the work,

Staying active, fit, and not going berserk.

I'll push myself to be strong and healthy,

For a long life full of vigor and prosperity.

Dining with Friends

When next you dine with friends so dear,

Share each dish, togetherness so clear,

Just as our ancestors did of old,

Their spirits joining in, so bold.

To reach a higher plane of love,

Feed each other, a gesture above,

Nourish not just the body, but soul,

And let your spirits merge and roll.

Remember, too, the nutrients sought,

For health and wellness as we ought,

Choose wisely, each morsel you partake,

And let your body and soul awake.

What is Nutrition

Let us treasure the potency of language,

For a vast vocabulary can aid our voyage.

In our discussion of nutrition,

We must differentiate true nutrients,

Those that nourish and fuel our body,

From toxins that endanger our prosperity.

First in line is the purest source of human fuel,

Carbohydrates, derived from plants,

That keeps us going and thriving.

Next, protein, often linked to animal flesh,

But don't forget that plants are its source.

Then comes the mighty nutrient, fat,

Whose name conveys indulgence and excess,

But the right kind, sourced from plants,

Is vital for our well-being and health.

In smaller quantities, but no less crucial,

Vitamins and minerals play a role

In our survival and ability to thrive.

Remember these five - carbs, protein, fat,

Vitamins, and minerals - for a healthy life.

There are also compounds, Latin in name,

Antioxidants, flavonoids, phytochemicals,

And probiotics, among others,

That we must consume daily to flourish.

Their positive impact on our health

Is vast and meaningful,

So let us seek to incorporate them

In our diet for a life full of wellness.

Cheese, Wine, and Desserts

Undoubtedly, dairy's richness and flavor tantalize the senses. Its compounds can enliven our bodies, evoking a sense of innocent delight. The scent and taste of cheese and wine bring us pleasure, but the question remains: how much dairy can our bodies handle? The great nutrition master uncovered a truth, not entirely backed by science, yet veritably accurate. Your body, it seems, allows for a 20% margin of error in dietary and lifestyle choices. The wise teachings suggest that if you get 80% right and 20% wrong, it shall suffice. For within these natural parameters, your body can correct and heal, detoxifying itself.


How does one measure the weight

Of 80% versus 20% fate?

Does 80% not become 40%,

As we strive to find our truest state?

Ah, the abstract musings of the mind,

As we seek to understand and find

The essence of our being,

And the choices we make, oh so binding.

For in our diets, mistakes are made,

And often become an addiction's shade,

Rooted deep in our psyche,

A battle to break free, oh so mighty.

So let us be mindful of our ways,

And learn from our dietary strays,

For in knowing what we do wrong,

We can live a life that's ever so strong.

As quoted by the great master's lore,

If a dietary mistake we make, and more,

Let us not feel guilty or flustered,

But rather, let us be mindful and muster.

For if we crave a late-night sweet,

Let us accompany it with a leafy green feat,

A salad so fresh and so divine,

That balances the scales of our culinary shrine.

And when we indulge in edible protein,

Let us not forget the green salad routine,

For it aids digestion and lends a helping hand,

To keep us healthy and ever so grand.

Even if we have to indulge in dairy,

A large leafy green salad is not contrary,

For it complements and harmonizes,

And keeps us on a path that's wise.

So let us heed the master's call,

And make the large leafy green salad our all,

A companion to our dietary delight,

That keeps us healthy and forever bright.

Let us speak plainly of dairy,

For the size of the mother can be quite scary,

Her secretions designed to help her young grow,

And not be a burden to the herd's flow.

But when we consume these products made,

To take a 60-pound animal to 1000 pounds in a year's shade,

What happens to our body and its growth,

To our immune system, what is the oath?

For such stimulation with nothing to grow,

Could lead to inflammation, a painful blow,

And so, it's best to consume dairy with care,

In small amounts, if at all, to be aware.

Let us be mindful of what we ingest,

And how it affects our body's quest,

For a balanced diet is the key,

To a healthy life, happy and free.

Junky Foods

Beware the temptations of junk food, for it steals from us vital compounds and forces our bodies to work harder to restore equilibrium. It deceives us with false signals of hunger and leaves us restless in the night, a thief in our own beds.

For when we consume these deceitful foods, we disrupt the harmony within us, and the consequences are dire. Our chemistry, delicate and intricate, is thrown off balance, and we are left feeling miserable and drained.

But there is a remedy, a golden rule to follow: all the nutrients we need are readily available in the plant kingdom. For any compound not found in a plant, we have no need.

So let us forsake the processed foods that bring only harm and sorrow, and embrace the bounty of the earth. For in doing so, we can bid farewell to the woes of our diets, and let our bodies thrive in health and happiness.


Amidst the verdant garden, there lies a treasure trove of protein-rich plants, though lesser in density than the flesh of creatures that roam. Yet, in the light of truth, we require fewer grams of protein once we reach maturity than in our tender years of growth.

Mindfully prepared, protein ought to be savored with care, shunning the scorching flames that may harm its purity. The source from which it springs should exude compassion and grace, and be free from all toxins and disgrace.

Junk Food Always Wins

Junk food is a cleverly disguised trap, a device that creates addiction. Its allure lies in the momentary pleasure and satisfaction it brings. The taste buds dance, and the mind is altered. It's a temporary escape from our anxieties, a fleeting sense of joy in an otherwise bleak reality. But this joy comes at a great cost - the price we pay for indulging in these chemical concoctions is our health, our well-being, and our freedom.

In our modern world, it's hard to differentiate between real food and the processed products that line the shelves of supermarkets. The packaging may scream "healthy," but the contents are far from it. Refined sugar, processed flours, and chemical additives are the norm. These foods are engineered to manipulate our senses, to make us crave more. We've become numb to what real food should taste like, what it should nourish our bodies with.

We must break free from this trap, this addiction to junk food. We must reclaim our health and our taste buds. Let us turn to whole foods, to nature's bounty, to the nourishing plants that provide us with all the nutrients we need. Let us savor the flavors, the textures, and the life force of the foods that sustain us. Let us say no to the packaged poisons that have robbed us of our vitality.


When we use the term food addiction,

We're talking about patterns with negative rendition,

Ones that can damage our health and life,

And cause nothing but trouble and strife.

It's a craving we simply can't ignore,

An attachment we can't help but deplore,

A compulsion we feel deep inside,

Even if it's something we should hide.

But have we taken time to explore

Where this craving comes from at the core?

Is it the weather or our personality?

Or childhood events that left a mark, you see?

We must not limit the food addiction discussion

To its emotional impact and mental percussion,

But also the damage it can wreak on our health,

And how excess weight can deplete our wealth.

Where do we start, you ask?

What is the first step to surrender and improvement task?

Wait, I think I'm doing it right now,

Starting the conversation and taking a vow.

Let's keep moving forward with this mission,

And make food addiction a thing of past tradition,

Let's choose a healthy lifestyle and thrive,

And make sure our well-being always come alive!

Role Models

Our food models, oftentimes unskilled,

Led us astray, our hunger unfulfilled.

Their patterns, ingrained in our minds,

Echoing through society's binds.

We followed blindly, copying their ways,

Unaware of the toll it would take in our days.

Their examples, reinforced in our soul,

A pattern difficult to unroll.

The Pharmacy Junk Food Loop

The issue of supply and demand is a complex one, especially when it comes to the food industry. There are businesses that profit greatly from selling unhealthy and processed foods to people all over the world. These companies often use questionable methods to grow and produce their products, such as pesticides and other harmful techniques.

While there are medicines that can help us recover from the negative effects of these foods, it creates a cycle that's hard to break. The pharmacy industry profits from treating people when they become ill due to their poor diet choices, while the junk food industry profits from making people sick in the first place.

Of course, not all medications are bad. Many are crucial for saving lives and treating illnesses. However, some medications are specifically designed to keep people in this cycle, making it nearly impossible for them to break free from this harmful loop.

Three Meals Per Day

The tradition of dividing our daily food intake into three meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - is deeply ingrained in our culture. But where did it come from, and does it accurately reflect our body's needs?

The idea of three meals a day likely originated from the agricultural lifestyle of early civilizations. People would eat breakfast in the morning before heading out to work in the fields, have a midday meal to sustain them through the afternoon, and then a larger evening meal once their work day was done.

But does this pattern of eating make sense for our bodies today? While it's important to fuel our bodies with the nutrients they need throughout the day, the idea of three meals plus snacks may not be the best approach for everyone. Some people may function better with smaller, more frequent meals, while others may prefer larger meals spaced further apart.

Additionally, the timing of our meals may not always align with our body's natural rhythms. For example, having a large, heavy dinner late at night may not be ideal for our bodies, which are in rest mode and trying to detoxify.

Ultimately, the tradition of three meals a day may have practical origins, but it may not be the best approach for everyone. It's important to listen to our bodies and find an eating pattern that works best for our individual needs. To optimize our body's chemistry,

We should eat less frequently,

Allowing time for full digestion,

Before adding more food to our ingestion.

Unlike grazing cattle we don't eat all day,

We're more like wild dogs who feast then lay.

Eating smaller meals versus two large,

May or may not result in weight loss charge.

Some may feel more energized with two meals,

Less food to digest means more pep in their heels,

While others eating small may feel light,

Their bodies adapting to either choice with might.

But in my experience, what we eat matters most,

Processed foods are what we should eliminate and boast,

Frequency of meals becomes less of a concern,

When healthy choices are what we discern.

One's health is a complex matter indeed,

Dietary mistakes may sometimes impede,

But overall health is what will decide,

How well a person thrives and does abide.

Dinner Should Always Be The Smallest Meal of Your Day

Let the evening meal be light and fair,

In tune with the rhythm of light and air.

When the sun's rays reach our eyes,

The hypothalamus gland signals us to rise.

As darkness falls and night draws near,

The brain tells us to slow down and revere.

Our digestive prowess, though subtle and unseen,

Is weaker at night, a fact that's keen.

Dinner, the heaviest meal of all,

Takes time to break down and can cause a brawl.

As we sleep, the food in our gut,

May turn necrotic, causing gas and whatnot.

Inflammation and flare-ups, all sorts of pain,

Can arise from the food that sits in our domain.

Pray, why isn't dinner the lightest repast?

When night draws darkness, and we slow down at last.

Our bodies' digestive powers are weak,

And heavy meals at night may cause us to peak.

Shouldn't breakfast be the grandest feast,

When we set out on life's adventure, at least?

Our bodies are fresh, our minds on alert,

And we need fuel to face the day's exert.

Let us ponder this thought with care,

And choose our meals with wisdom rare.

For a balanced diet is the key,

To a healthy life, strong and free.


Why not indulge in breakfast's glory,

And savor its delights, sweet and hoary?

Then have a snack, light and small,

Before ending the day, answering its call.

If wine with breakfast is your desire,

Do not succumb to dinner's fire.

Let yourself take time, throughout the day,

To process and digest with ease, come what may.

Bigger breakfasts, I do declare,

Can give us strength for the day's affair.

And as the day comes to its close,

Let us find rest, in peaceful repose.

Meditation, prayer, and acts of kindness,

Can soothe our souls and calm our blindness.

Let us cherish our loved ones true,

And bid the day a fond adieu.

Who is an Expert on Food?

Who is the expert on food, we ask with a smile,

Is it the doctor, the nutritionist, or the chef with culinary style?

Perhaps it's the therapist, the gym trainer, or the supermodel so lean,

Or the martial artist who cuts weight to fit in the fighting scene.

But truth be told, anyone can be a food expert in their own right,

It takes knowledge well beyond textbooks, and a willingness to fight.

A person with great food knowledge has disciplined themselves with care, 

And tried many things, recording their experiences to share.

They know that food is complicated, with many a mystery to unfold,

And they've read many books, not just ones about food to be bold.

For a true food expert has a deep understanding of health and science,

And the ability to apply that knowledge with skill and compliance.

So let us all strive to be food experts, in our own unique way,

With a passion for learning, experimenting, and keeping hunger at bay.

For food is a gift, a source of nourishment and delight,

And being a food expert, is a journey that's worth the fight.

In this world of diets, who can we believe,

When every voice claims to hold the key?

The gym-goer's muscles are chiseled and defined,

They swear by keto, and protein at every mealtime.

Their impressive physique may catch the eye,

But looks can be deceiving, we mustn't deny.

Youthful vigor may mask many a mistake,

Our bodies may forgive us, but they also ache.

The diet we keep can cause harm instead of good,

To the weak and the ill, it's best understood.

Precision is needed to ease the burden,

Of food on the body, when it's already burdened.

Why wait for sickness to dictate our meals,

When we can be precise, and heal?

Let's be mindful of what we eat, and how much we consume,

Our bodies deserve the best, let's not assume.

So don't be swayed by the gym rat's advice,

Their looks don't always equate to being wise.

Be smart about your diet, let it be your tool,

And your body will thank you, it'll be oh so cool.

How Did Our Ancestors Really Eat? 

In the modern world, confusion reigns supreme,

When it comes to diets, it's hard to glean,

The truth about our ancestors' ways of eating,

Some were carnivores, some weren't, it's worth repeating.

Imagine the chaos of nutrition back then,

2000 or 3000 years ago, hard to comprehend.

The one good thing they had in large societies,

Was limited access to processed varieties.

Though dietary mistakes were still being made,

Their food was wholesome, and that's worth the trade.

It's only in the last 500 years or so,

That food became corrupted, a downward flow.

Decadence and excess took hold of our plates,

As people used food to flaunt their status and traits.

A symbol of wealth, success, and power,

Food became a commodity, a luxury to devour.

But let's not lose hope, there's still time to act,

Let's be mindful of what we eat, that's a fact.

Let's choose wholesome, nutritious foods,

And avoid the traps of decadence and moods.

Our bodies will thank us, our minds will be clear,

And we'll have nothing to fear.

So let's make a change, let's start today,

And let's keep the confusion at bay!

Are We Carnivores?

As Omnivores, we're built to eat it all,

But nature designed each creature's diet, to stand tall,

Perhaps ours was herbivorous, a fact we can't deny,

Our dull fangs and frail claws tell us why.

Our hunting skills are poor, it's clear to see,

Our sense of smell and vision are no guarantee,

Most game animals are larger than we,

Eating plants is what we're meant to be.

Our digestive system works at a slow pace,

Extracting nutrients from plants, a winning race,

Flesh foods in our bowels can cause distress,

But fruits, veggies, nuts, and herbs are a better guess.

In today's polluted world, our immune system is tested,

Clean diets are key, not to be bested,

To counter stress, pollution, and processed foods' harm,

We must choose wisely, and eat with charm.

So drink up that juice and get plenty of rest,

Nourish your body and make it your best,

For as Omnivores, we have a choice,

To eat for health and make our bodies rejoice.

To Flesh or Not to Flesh

In the realm of our humanity's gift, It becomes clear, our path not swift, To consume whole protein, we must partake, Transformed through fire, before we break.

Unlike creatures that feast on flesh's bounty, Their stomachs adept, toxins met with aplomb, Bacteria, bone, sinew, all assimilated, Yet for us, certain meats must be abated.

In this realm, disease finds an open door, When near these creatures, ailments soar, Filth contaminates their flesh, we must be wary, Avoidance advised, lest our health be wary.

Reflect we must on proteins and their care, For the lives we touch, we ought to be aware, Our disconnection masked, as markets offer guise, Meat appears, devoid of life's loving ties.

Would hearts not shift if animals we saw, In their conditions dire, how they meet life's gnaw? Some souls, desensitized, uncaringly tread, Exposure and conformity, their values widespread.

Compassion beckons, a philosophy's plea, To consume the flesh of creatures killed tenderly, Though surely the animal knows not its fate, 'Tis a starting point, where compassion may abate.

All philosophies should ponder this quest, A law of compassion, where animals find rest, Their lives held sacred, their passing kind, And the cost, borne by those who dine.

Such a decree would prompt reflection, Amongst those with economic affliction, The calories from plant-based foods abound, Nutrient-rich, healing nourishment found.

Societies patient thrived on vibrant greens, Wheat, corn, carrots, potatoes, and their means, By ensuring plant-based sustenance is plenty, We aid the low-income, their bellies contented.

Feeding them animal proteins alone, Fills the void, but health's foundation unknown, As we strive to restore well-being's grace, Challenges arise, hindering our embrace.


In America's food industry, a problem resides,

The food and drug administration, side by side.

There's something corrupt in this close-knit pair,

A dubious connection, that we cannot bear.

Perhaps it's because someone thinks,

That drugs and food share similar links.

Or maybe it's because they realize,

That food and drugs are two sides of the same prize.

The foods we eat may require medication,

To manage the problems, they cause in our nation.

So why not have the same folks in charge,

To oversee the paperwork, and their discharge?

But this connection, it's not quite right,

It creates a conflict, a dubious sight.

The department should be renamed, it's plain to see,

The food and health administration, it should be.

Let's separate the two, and make a change,

To ensure that our food is not deranged.

Let's prioritize the health of our nation,

And let's start with a proper administration.

Let us forge a new agency, with a name most rare,

The Drugs and Meditation Agency, our answer to a prayer,

For safe drugs and mystic arts, in healing and in health,

A guiding light to lead us on, an agency of great wealth.

The Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency Should Be One Thing

Oh, wouldn't it be lovely if the Department of Agriculture

And the Environmental Protection Agency, in a harmonious marriage,

United as one, their duties shared,

With no bureaucracy to be declared?

Together they could tend to our earth,

Protecting her wonders and all her worth,

While also helping the farmers who grow,

Their crops and livestock, to flourish and glow.

But alas, when different entities must unite,

The path can be rocky, the journey not light,

So let us hope and pray for a future bright,

Where these two agencies come together with might.

Keto Sucks 

Once upon a time, people were talking about a new way to eat called the keto diet. They thought it was really cool and said it was the best thing ever! Then, last year, everyone was going crazy about drinking only juice for a few days. It was called a juice cleanse, and people thought it was amazing!

One day, I read an article that said if I ate Manuka honey on a celery stick before bed, I could burn calories while I slept. It sounded so magical! But when I looked online, there were so many silly things like this that didn't make sense.

So, I learned that we have to be careful and not believe everything we hear or read. We have to be smart and make good choices for our bodies. Remember, it's important to be a smart buyer and always check the facts before trying something new. The end!


Well, well, well, what have we got here?

Stressed and hungry, it's the perfect fear,

A double whammy, a combo punch,

But don't worry, friend, I've got a hunch.

You're staring at junk food, feeling blue,

But before you dive in, here's what to do:

Grab an apple, take a deep breath,

And let's turn this situation into a fest!

With each bite, let's make it fun,

Chew it slowly, dance if you want to, hun,

Savor the flavor, let it linger,

And before you know it, you'll be a hunger-busting singer!

So don't despair, my stressed-out friend,

There's a way to ease this hunger trend,

Just grab an apple, take it slow,

And let the joy of eating flow!

Gluten Free

Why does the gluten-free diet prevail,

A health trend that many hail?

It's because it urges elimination,

Of what we used to consume with fascination.

Junk foods, brimming with gluten,

Cakes, cookies, and crackers, we've all been bitten,

For celiac's, gluten's a real threat,

But for others, it's processed food that we should forget.

Foods loaded with sugar and white flour,

Are the culprits that bring us lower,

The gluten-free craze may seem a fad,

But it's worth considering, don't be sad.

Eliminating processed food is the key,

The gluten-free diet can set you free,

A healthier lifestyle, it can bring,

Your body and soul will joyfully sing.

More on Gluten

Gluten-free, a buzzword of late,

But does it hold true for all food innate?

Not so, for some wheat-based delights,

Nature's gluten, a source of pure sights.

In some foods, gluten's present,

Yet, it's not harmful, it's pleasant,

Beautiful foods, made with care,

Nature's bounty, a feast so rare.

Gluten-free, a mantra we hear,

But for some foods, it's not so clear,

Nature's gluten, a gift divine,

A part of food, a true lifeline.

So, let's not be too quick to judge,

Nature's ways, we should not begrudge,

A gluten-free diet, it's not for all,

Nature's beauty, we must enthral.


When we were young and oh so small,

A lollipop seemed like the apple of them all,

Red and juicy, from the same tree,

We didn't care, it was all candy to you and me.

But as we grow, we start to learn,

Some foods are good, some make us burn,

Our innocent minds, now start to see,

Not all candy is created equally.

Kids are pure, with hearts so true,

They can't comprehend, why make food that's bad for you?

How do we teach, without causing fear,

That some foods are healthy, and others, well, unclear?

Let's make it fun, a game, a dance,

Teach them to choose, give them a chance,

To learn and grow, with joy and grace,

And make healthy food, a happy place!

So let's guide them with a gentle hand,

And show them how to make a healthy stand,

For in their hearts, the truth will shine,

And they'll be healthy and happy, all the time!

10 Push-Ups

Listen up folks, here's a tip for you,

To stay fit and healthy, it's really true,

Do 10 push-ups and squats every day,

Even on days when you just wanna lay.

Now, exercise needs energy, that's no lie,

So think about your diet, don't be shy,

We need to fuel our bodies, that's a fact,

Or else we'll be too weak to even act.

And if you crave some food, don't fret,

Just do some breathing exercises, bet,

Take 10 deep breaths in and out,

And before you know it, you'll be without doubt.

So next time you're at a buffet table,

Don't go crazy, don't be unstable,

Just remember this funny little rhyme,

And you'll be fit and healthy all the time!


Juice, oh juice, it'll change your life for sure,

Both fruits and veggies, they're a healthful lure.

But beware of additives, like refined sugar or odd colors,

For they'll detract from the goodness, and leave you feeling duller.

And don't even get me started on pasteurized juice,

It's not as vibrant, not as potent, and the enzymes are no use.

No, fresh juice is where it's at, that's the real deal,

It'll revert your aging for some time, it's a healthful steal.

Just stick with it, and don't lose your juice groove,

For the benefits are real, and they'll help you improve.

And while you're at it, add some breathing exercises to the mix,

For a healthy body, mind, and soul, that's the ultimate fix.

So raise a glass of fresh juice, to your health and your life,

Let it be your daily ritual, your nutritious high-five.

For juice, oh juice, it's a gift that keeps on giving,

A healthful elixir, that makes life worth living.


Life's agonies can change our food's relation,

Some use it to numb, a form of sedation,

Amidst all choices, some pick food to cope,

Their souls seeking solace, a chance to elope.

Body Types

Dreaming of a body type, oh so lean,

But reality, it's not as it seems,

Self-esteem takes a hit, it's true,

When we don't look like our dream debut.

Society's standards, they can be a curse,

Making us feel like we're the worst,

But beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,

Don't let those standards, give you any surprises.

Embrace your body, just as it is,

Wear that confidence, like a quiz,

Love yourself, inside and out,

That's what self-esteem is all about.

So dream of health, not just a look,

Your body, it's a one-of-a-kind book,

With a story that's uniquely yours,

Cherish it, it's worth much more.


Alcohol, it's a wild ride,

For the young, it's fun to abide,

But as we age, it's not the same,

Hangovers, they're such a shame.

No judgments, just the truth we face,

Alcohol, it's not a race,

For the young, it's a rite of passage,

For the old, it's just a savage.

We've learned our lessons, through the years,

Alcohol, it brings both joy and tears,

But we won't judge, the young and wild,

They'll learn, just like a child.

So have your fun, but be aware,

Alcohol, it's a beast, we swear,

Just remember, when you're older too,

Drinking isn't always a brew.

Toxic food 

Intentionally ingesting toxins, oh my,

To change our mood, it's worth a try,

But hold on, let's take a pause,

Is it really worth all those chemical flaws?

It may seem like a quick fix,

But the truth is, it's a mental mix,

Emotionless insanity, we say,

When toxins become our mood's mainstay.

Let's find healthier ways to cope,

Without relying on poison to elope,

Exercise, therapy, and more,

Ways to keep our mental health in a roar.

So let's think twice, before we drink or smoke,

Our bodies and minds, they're no joke,

Embrace the sanity, let's be clear,

Let's not let toxins steer us in fear.

Ancient Food Restrictions 

In ancient times, wise folks understood the perils of consuming certain animal meats,

And thus, they forbade certain bites to prevent the spread of diseases and defeats.

These age-old customs evolved into divine laws, like refraining from swine and such,

Or waiting six hours before consuming dairy, to keep the body in the best of touch.

Amazingly, modern science has proven these ancient edicts to be oh so true,

For they help us steer clear of maladies and keep our wellness in full view.

But as we progress, might religions add new dietary rules to their sacred repertoire?

Perhaps they'll recommend avoiding processed foods and not eating late at night, by far.

And who knows, maybe even "eat more salad" will become a holy injunction,

For the virtues of leafy greens are beyond dispute, a healthful function.

So let us embrace these wise old customs and stay open to new ones, too,

For a healthy body and a happy soul, is a goal that we all pursue.

Birthday Cake

To cake, or not to cake, that’s the burning question,

How do we make our kids feel part of the celebration?

We want them to fit in, but not at the cost of their confusion with what food really is.

So let’s navigate this tricky territory with some wisdom.

We don't want to be too strict, nor too permissive,

We want to strike a balance that's both fun and inclusive.

For birthdays are special, and we want our kids to feel the love,

But we don't want to make them feel like captives of our above.

So let's be mindful of our approach, and not make it too intense,

For a little indulgence won't hurt, it's all about balance.

We can let them have a slice of cake, without going overboard,

And still teach them to make healthy choices, that's something to applaud.

So, to cake or not to cake, let's not make it a big fuss,

For it's not just about the food, it's the love that's a must.

Let's celebrate the occasion, with joy and with grace,

And make our kids feel included in this special place.

Trick or Treat

On Halloween night, every kid goes wild,

The streets are filled with candy, oh so beguiling and mild.

Our little ones' eyes light up like it's Christmas Day,

And they go berserk, eating sweets in an unrestrained way.

But as parents, we worry about the consequences,

Of letting them indulge in too much of these sugary substances.

How can we let them have their fun, without developing a sweet tooth,

And keep them from craving junk food like it's the fountain of youth?

It's a tricky task, to be sure, but let's not despair,

For there are ways to curb their cravings with a little care.

We can set limits on how much candy they can have in one go,

And encourage them to choose healthier treats, like fruits that grow.

We can also teach them the importance of balance and moderation,

And make sure they understand the impact of excessive consumption.

For healthy habits start young, and we want to lead by example,

So let's not make Halloween all about candy, and keep it ample.

In the end, it's about having fun, without going overboard,

And helping our kids make wise choices, that's something to applaud.

So let's embrace the Halloween spirit, with joy and with flair,

And keep our little ones healthy, happy, and aware.

Body Obsessions

Let's face it, obsession's a pain,

The mind's taking over, it's insane,

Thinking and thinking 'bout the same old thing,

Like trying to solve a problem or relive a fling.

We can't stop the cycle, we're unaware,

Trapped in our minds, it's just not fair,

Stuck in patterns we can't break,

Our sanity's at stake.

But fear not, there is a way out,

Just become aware and give a shout,

Take a deep breath and focus on the air,

Relax the mind, it's time to repair.

Keep at it, routine is key,

Soon your mind will be set free,

Of course, there's much more to explore,

But for now, let's give our brains a little more amour.

Food Addiction is Tough

Addiction with food, it's a tough one,

Regulating intake, can't be done,

We need to eat to stay alive,

But addictively, we might thrive.

Gambling and alcohol, we can quit,

Out of sight, out of mind, we admit,

But with food, we can't just say goodbye,

It's more intimate, we can't deny.

From birth, we've had a connection with food,

Comforted us, when we were in a brood,

As we grow, and obsess over our look,

The way we eat, it's like a hook.

Deeper issues, we're trying to hide,

Anxiety, we can't push aside,

It's been with us, for all this time,

Obsessions and addictions, a mountain to climb.

It's time to confront, the past and the pain,

Or else our behaviors, will continue to reign,

Food addiction, it's not the end,

With effort and support, we can transcend.

Talk therapy and writing, a powerful pair,

With words, we can release what we can't bear,

Therapy helps us process and heal,

Writing, a cathartic appeal.

Exercise, breathing, and meditation,

Powerful tools for any situation,

They may not seem like much at first,

But they can quench our mental thirst.

Universal to anyone with a mind,

These tools, a treasure we can find,

They help us cope and find some ease,

In a world that can bring us to our knees.

So don't underestimate their power,

In tough times, they can be our tower,

Talk, write, breathe, and meditate,

Tools that can help us navigate.


Sometimes, I feel like a food puppet, controlled by my cravings and emotions. It's like a dark force inside my head convinces me that only a particular meal can soothe my soul. And sometimes, it actually does the trick! But how do I dig deep and vanquish these negative emotions that govern my eating habits? I know I need to break free from these patterns and habits, or else I'll be stuck in this food limbo forever. What's the secret to finding strength? Well, for me, prayer is the answer. It's like a hotline to the wisest part of myself, and it helps me surrender to the problem at hand. Even if it's just a temporary distraction, sometimes that's all I need to get back on track.

Food Requires Energy to Digest Itself

Remember the days of youth, when lunch by the pool was a treat, and a half-hour wait was the rule before diving back in? So why does exercise after a meal sometimes lead to cramps? Similarly, have you ever considered indulging in a hearty feast before taking a yoga class or hitting the gym? Likely not, for the aftermath would be most unpleasant. Yet, we often make the mistake of consuming a large meal and promptly settling down to sleep. Digestion remains a demanding task, whether day or night. However, as our bodies rest during the night, digestion becomes more taxing. This may cause incomplete digestion, robbing us of the full benefits of our meal. Though we may have eaten well, we may not extract all of the nutrients, leaving us with less than the full value of our feast.

Diet Hacks That are Stupid

It takes but little to realize,

That our chemistry can be quite a surprise.

Many diets claim to speed up metabolism,

But beware the cost, for it may quicken aging's rhythm.

There's no free ride when it comes to health,

No cheat that won't come with side effects, stealth.

Human nature craves the express train,

But when it comes to diets, slow is better, refrain.

Adjustments to our diet must be made with care,

So the mind can catch up and be aware.

New patterns need time to take root,

Else anxiety may strike, and cravings may shoot.

Let us not rush in, but take it slow,

And watch our health and wellbeing grow.

For a balanced diet, in due time,

Is the key to a life that is truly sublime.

Losing weight too fast can be a shock,

To the emotional world, it may block.

For so long, the body was in a different state,

And adjusting too quickly can lead to a harsh fate.

It took time to get where we were,

And reversing it must be done with care.

The best path to weight loss is slow,

Assimilating new patterns, as we grow.

Patterns are sticky, the longer we take,

The more they will stick, like a well-baked cake.

Diet hacks may seem like a quick fix,

But many are foolish and may make you sick.

Let us be patient, and take it slow,

And watch our progress and health glow.

For a healthy body and mind to last,

Slow and steady wins the race, steadfast.

Follow The Leader to Illness

Leaders' dietary habits have been blindly followed,

Without questioning, whether they were healthy and hallowed.

Entire cultures have lost their way,

Their dietary needs out of whack, gone astray.

Believing we can eat like our ancestors of old,

Is a mistake, for times have changed, and new stories told.

Water, air, and soil are no longer pure,

And our diets must adapt, of that we can be sure.

On the positive side, we now have the means,

To source food from around the world, in exotic dreams.

Coconuts, matcha, maca, cacao, and more,

Are at our fingertips, from a distant shore.

Though not ideal, it's an adaptation we have made,

To counter the pollution and corruption that pervade.

Superfoods are a blessing we should embrace,

A source of health and vitality, in this chaotic race.

Vital Force

Behold, there exists a force most vital, which lingers within. This force, known as the vital force, remains once the energy required to digest our food and fuel our daily movements has been expended. Its presence has a profound impact on the immunity of our entire being. Depleted vital force may leave our immune system in disarray. Thus, it is wise to stockpile this energy. Firstly, take heed not to overindulge in food, but rather consume that which nourishes. Secondly, assist the body's natural detoxification process by embracing a state of rest for both mind and body. Engage in activities that relax the mind and conserve energy, such as losing oneself in a good book, delighting in humor, spending time with loved ones, practicing breathing exercises, meditation, pursuing hobbies, or engaging in exercise.

Ponder the vital force, a concept unbound by textbooks' pages. It is a notion that we, the abstract-minded, hold dear. Passed down to me by a village elder, I cling to its truth with fervor. For it pulses within me, a force to be reckoned with, a power beyond measure.

Pregnancy is an Automatic Detox 

Fascinating it is, when a woman enters a certain phase of pregnancy, and her cravings for peculiar foods emerge. Objects of fleeting fixation, foods once deemed unpalatable now entice her. Pickles paired with ice cream, or perhaps something deep-fried. A pregnant woman's desires know no bounds, for her palate yearns for anything and everything. But why does this come to be?

It’s fairly deep - food patterns and flavors are stored like memories and when a woman is pregnant her body goes through all kinds of changes - one change is powerful: the woman’s body in it’s I finite wisdom wants to clear out any and all toxins to make her body into the garden of Eden for the developing fetus

A conundrum unfolds when the mind craves refuse, for the body yearns for purity. Conflict ensues, a battle within. As the body processes, remnants of toxins from eras past may emerge. Memories of their origin may surface, and a strange comfort may be found. Perhaps, we fear letting go. Nevertheless, worry not about quantity, but rather the quality of your sustenance. Weight gain signals a mighty feat, proof that your body can transform food into its very own flesh. Behold, a powerful conversion, a miracle in the making.

Dessert vs. Desert

Dessert and desert, two words alike in sound,

Yet in meaning, they diverge, worlds unbound.

One speaks of sweetness, a treat to savor,

The other, vast emptiness, a barren flavor.

Dessert, a culinary delight,

A tantalizing end to a meal's respite.

Decadent cakes, pies, and creamy delights,

Bringing joy to taste buds, culinary heights.

In dessert's embrace, indulgence we find,

A symphony of flavors, a treat refined.

From chocolates to fruits, a feast for the eyes,

A delectable finale, where satisfaction lies.

But desert, oh desert, a different terrain,

Endless stretches of aridness, devoid of rain.

Sands that shimmer under a scorching sun,

A desolate expanse where survival is won.

No sweet morsels, no sugary bliss,

Only arid winds and sand's gentle kiss.

Cacti and dunes, a harsh, unforgiving place,

Where life finds a way, adapting with grace.

So remember the distinction, dessert or desert,

One brings pleasure, the other challenges assert.

Indulge in the sweetness, the culinary delight,

Or brave the desert's trials, its awe-inspiring sight.


Oh, how I yearn for bodies as simple as a car,

A single fuel to keep us running, near or far.

But alas, we're far more complex than machine,

Our needs more intricate, our cravings unseen.

We must consume to replenish what we lose,

For without food, our bodies will surely bruise.

And yet, too much can lead to shame and guilt,

Let's not become neurotic, our minds wilted.

Self-improvement shouldn't trigger misery,

Let's approach our diets with grace and dignity.

For we are creatures of both flesh and soul,

And balance is key to achieving our ultimate goal.

Let not our minds be consumed by every bite,

For such obsession could lead to a confined plight.

The greatest counsel for a healthy diet,

Is to shun processed foods, that's for sure, right?

When we limit such food, choices become clear,

And our bodies will thank us, year after year.

But what constitutes as processed, you may ask,

For it's not just chips and soda in our task.

Water, meat, dairy, and veggies too,

All can be processed before reaching our view.

Genetic modification and pesticides as well,

Make being a purist a difficult sell.

Yet, the junk food we must eliminate,

Is fairly evident, let us not debate.

So let us strive for balance and clarity,

In our quest for nutrition and vitality.

It's the sugary treats, fried and oily delights,

That we must reduce, for healthy days and nights.

Clean oils like olive, are a better bet,

For a balanced diet, one shouldn't forget.

Remember, we're herbivores at our core,

With 20,000 plants, we could explore.

But even with access to only 200,

We can still achieve a diverse and rich menu.

When indulging, add some leafy greens,

To balance the cake and satisfy our cravings.

And as we ponder our body's chemistry,

Let's maintain a positive attitude, for it's key.

For thoughts have power beyond measure,

So let joy and gratitude be our dessert treasure.

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