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Smoking Crack Is The Best Weight Loss Program I Know Of...

Smoking crack is the best weight loss program I know of... but it’s not the smartest way to keep looking and feeling good!

Crack, drugs, diet pills, coffee, cigarettes, and processed foods are, to a degree, in the same general category. They all toxify the body. “Diets” do not work, and most end up making us sick and unable to maintain homeostasis (balance).

We get asked all the time what the best and fastest way to lose weight is.

It’s obvious there’s an entire generation of people who stopped caring about the quality of the foods they eat and are mostly concerned with calories and weight loss.

If you’re getting enough calories from a plant-based, diverse diet, you’re getting your nutritional needs met. Therefore, you’ll tend to eat less.

No one gets obese from eating too much salad, too many fruits, or too many vegetables. If the majority of your calories are coming from nutrient deficient and hard-to-digest foods, you may feel temporarily stimulated, but you’ll always be hungry and feel intense cravings. You’ll eat more as this cycle of craving and eating continues.

A lifestyle change is the only way to achieve optimal weight and health. The level of integrity behind such a change will determine the lasting, positive effect on your overall well-being. Not just your weight. The basic principles of a lifestyle change include eliminating processed food, getting sufficient rest, conquering anxiety, eliminating negative thinking, and taking proper and exact care to nourish your body.

Avoid dead and acid-forming foods that reduce your vital force. consume mostly raw vegetables, fruits, juices, nuts, seeds, and sprouts. These foods are alive and every atom in their makeup contains the essence of all life: active enzymes!

Stimulating energy without nutrition taxes the body and ages you faster. It’s a mistake to become hyper-focused on weight loss alone. Removing all processed food, pasta, cereal, bread, soda, candy, and white sugar will induce sustainable weight loss and make the body more efficient. In the end, you’ll need fewer calories to support higher levels of activity.

Do frequent juice cleanses with us. Start with three days and you’ll soon see how easy it is to go for five, ten, or more days. Cleanses that also incorporate raw foods, such as salads or smoothies, make cleansing easier to sustain for longer periods. The point is to avoid harmful things in order to allow the body to heal and detox.

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