Raw Honey

Raw Honey

Raw honey is a superfood in some people's chemistry depending on how clean the rest of their diet and lifestyle is. I assure you if a person avoids all forms of processed sugar, they would be very unlikely to have any type of blood sugar problem from consuming 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey in a single 14 hour period. Some people can consume more. 

True Vegans abstain from all honey consumption. "Beegans" go all the way to the vegan's front door, but stop short by consuming honey. 

Interestingly enough, honey is a combination of both plant cells and the cells from the bee's digestive system, which are animal cells by their nature. The two strictest raw vegans we know, who we shall keep anonymous, consume raw honey.

There are rumors, true and false about the mistreatment of honey bees. If this is an issue for one's sense of compassion, honey may not be worth the distraction. There are plenty of other ways one can get the benefits of raw honey without honey itself. But, nothing else is honey. Some shamans might prescribe raw honey as medicinal treatments. Some would not dare.

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