a poem on berries

a poem on berries

In vibrant hues, like tie-dyed dreams unfurled, Gladiators, once fierce, now seek to heal, No longer clashing, their swords and shields, They turn to berries, nature's balm concealed.

To mend their minds, scarred by battle's woe, They found solace in colors, tranquil and slow. As they gazed upon the universe's expanse, Swirls of tie-dye danced in cosmic dance.

From Earth's humble vantage, it may seem, The vast unknown, an elusive gleam. Yet, with closed eyes, a universe appears, No need for plants, to transcend earthly spheres.

Through breath and stillness, the mind takes flight, Journeying beyond, in the realm of light. No mechanical vessel to traverse the sky, For in the mind's eye, galaxies draw nigh.

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