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Get Out Of The Pharmacy Junk Food Cycle

I want to start by stating that there are many safe, effective, and miraculous pharmaceutical drugs out there. Emergency medicine, childbirth medicines, many vaccines, psychological drugs, and so on, serve humanity well. However, that being said, there are many drugs created to address the "flaws" in humanity's dietary and lifestyle choices, allowing us to perpetuate these choices for the purpose of driving profits to the drug industry.

Isn't it ironic how pharmacies sell everything you need for health, pain, illness, and symptoms in one section and everything you need to make yourself sick in another section? The science of pharmaceutical drugs can be very corrupt. Scientists are first trying to prove that their medicines are safe and can actually help in the ways that they claim. All the experiments and control groups are skewed in their favor.

I have a problem with the idea of science identifying an emotional problem and then just one week later having a drug to fix it. However, there are problems such as chemical depression: When a person with such a condition goes untreated, they can become very dangerous to themselves. Certainly, no one in such a condition should have to suffer. In many cases, drugs can be used in tandem with psychotherapy and re-education. Using such measures, a person could improve the quality of their life. But in my experience, a much more noticeable improvement comes when a person is re-educated, does emotional healing work, properly weans themselves off pharmaceutical drugs, and adopts a truly healthy lifestyle.

The Junk Food Industry: A Sinister Companion

The junk food industry is far more sinister because junk foods serve no positive purpose, unless one believes that they are, at the very least, “fun” calories. They are toxic to the mind and body, and their very existence proves that governmental agencies are in part corrupt and ignorant. They allow certain toxic things to exist with horrific negative side effects while banning things that are far less harmful to humans because of a 'monetary' system that is in place. This system is a drug-junk food loop that preys on poverty, addiction, ignorance, anxiety, and human frailty.

The irony of my local Walgreens and CVS pharmacy is that they are supposed to be health and wellness platforms. But while I wait in line to pay for products to improve my health, I see aisle after aisle of garbage and toxic sludge disguised as snack foods. The basement has wall-to-wall drugs, treatments, and modern implements for self-care: dental floss, baby powder, shaving and grooming products, first aid items, serious over-the-counter drugs, and many other items. But the second floor is a retail trap of point-of-sale items that are outrageously bad for anyone’s health. These foods are so toxic that they should not be legal. They are as toxic as the slower toxins available in vaping products. These stores are the worst of the worst.

Processed foods are usually cheaper and have long shelf lives. We’ve been eating them since we were children. As we grow older, we take medication to counteract the effects of these foods. Then, when we feel better, we go back to eating them. Sadly, this situation is condoned by the medical industry at large. If it wasn't, there would be a massive worldwide protest by doctors.

Creating Change for Future Generations

Many will perish as a result of long-term exposure to and consumption of these foods. Some will likely die horrible, painful deaths. Big Pharmacy and the processed food industry have had an unspoken alliance with each other for over a century. The foods make people sick and the medicines try to fix them, just enough to keep them eating more junk food. Get off of this corrupt and morbid ride.

But for most people, the more likely scenario is that they’re caught in the pharmacy & junk food loop. It’s total madness and I hope that you can see it. Even if it's not happening to you, you likely know someone who suffers from being caught in this vicious cycle. I hope that we can all see that there are industries linked to each other, both consciously and unconsciously, that feed each other in a closed loop. These closed loops continue on infinitely. I firmly believe this to be the case with the pharmacy industry and the junk food industry.

Diet has an overwhelming impact on our overall health. Human beings, like all creatures, have a specific diet that they were designed for. Our bodies are meant to eat pure foods and drink clean water. We are meant to live much longer than we expect to, but under the conditions created by junk foods and improperly used pharmaceuticals, we usually have shorter lifespans. This is tragic.

But there is hope. That hope is generated when people talk about it, bring other people’s attention to it, and help to make this truth soak into the fabric of our collective consciousness. Our generation is responsible for ensuring that the next generations don’t grow up with man-made pandemics. It is our generation that will die out believing there was some order and rationale to the madness of corporate production of toxic foods.

However, if we keep speaking about this topic, we can create a movement. And as has been the case with other great movements, a seed will be planted, and the seed will blossom into beautiful fruit.

Fresh and wholesome foods are less desirable to the mainstream. Freshness is the enemy of profits for a retail vendor. Tragically, junk food items are profitable, and they sell before their expiration dates occur. As consumers, we can help end this madness by voting with our dollars. We can discontinue shopping in places that lure people in and then seduce them to buy cheap garbage to soothe a craving.

A list of some of the most offensive products sold at pharmacies and most grocery stores is as follows:
- All sodas
- All energy drinks
- All potato chips
- Doritos
- Cupcakes
- Cakes
- Marshmallows
- Cheetos
- Candy
- Chewing gum with chemically processed sugars
- Gums with synthetic sugars
- Mints
- Chocolate bars
- White and whole wheat processed breads
- Cereals

List of Processed & Ultra Processed Foods

- Aisle candy
- Apple pie
- Artificially flavored ice cream
- Artificial sweeteners like Sweet and Low, NutraSweet, Splenda, stevia
- Bagged chips
- Baked beans
- Beer
- Boxed cake mix
- Canned soups
- Carbonated drinks
- Cereal bars
- Cereals
- Cheese
- Cheese puffs
- Chicken nuggets
- Chocolate chip cookies
- Chocolate milk
- Corn chips
- Cornflakes
- Cotton candy
- Crackers
- Cream-filled pastries
- Deli meats
- Diet soda
- Doughnuts
- Energy drinks
- Fake proteins
- Flavored yogurt
- Fried foods
- Frozen dinners
- Frozen pizza
- Fruit snacks
- Granola bars
- Gummy bears
- Hot dogs
- Hydrogenated oils
- Ice cream sandwiches
- Instant noodles
- Instant soup
- Iodized and refined salt products
- Jarred pasta sauce
- Jelly beans
- Low-quality meats and chicken
- Macaroni and cheese
- Margarine
- Marshmallows
- Microwave popcorn
- Nacho cheese dip
- New age carbonated drinks
- Onion rings
- Packaged muffins
- Pepperoni sticks
- Pickled vegetables
- Pizza
- Potato chips
- Powdered drink mixes
- Prepared foods that use refined sugar
- Preservatives
- Pretzels
- Protein bars
- Pudding cups
- Ramen noodles
- Ready-to-eat meals
- Red Bull
- Refined sugar products
- Salami
- Sausage links
- Snack cakes
- Snack puddings
- Sodas
- Soft drinks
- Sour cream and onion chips
- Sugar-coated cereals
- Sugary fruit drinks
- Sugary gums
- Sweetened condensed milk
- Things with binders
- Things with food coloring
- Things with preservatives
- Toaster pastries
- Tortilla chips
- Trail mix with candy
- Turkey bacon
- Vegetable chips
- White bread
- White flour products
- Whipped topping
- Wine
- Yogurt with candy mix-ins

By acknowledging the interconnectedness of the pharmaceutical and junk food industries and taking steps to change our consumption habits, we can work towards a healthier future for ourselves and future generations.

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