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Here's Why You Should Avoid The Ketogenic (Keto) Diet

The ketogenic diet is not a positive step to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It is completely unsustainable for a number of reasons.

For one thing, in both the short- and long-term it could have a negative effect on your overall body chemistry. By following it, you’re creating routines and habits that entail eating much more protein than what is healthy for an adult’s chemistry. It will be very hard to break such habits.

I’ve known many people who get caught up in the keto diet because they think it will keep them slim. Fortunately, very few people are really doing the ketogenic diet with strict adherence. Your body needs vital, live carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. The motivation for adhering to this diet is almost always vanity. It has no merit whatsoever regarding the health of the body.

It would be disastrous to put a person who had cancer, or someone who had a predisposition for cancer, or someone with diabetes, on this diet. The amount of protein that is taken in puts much too much strain on the liver. Blood sugar levels will always be very high on this or other high protein diets—something in direct opposition to what a person with diabetes is striving for. If you’re thinking about vanity, you have to just shift your thinking and practice being cautious of what you take into your body.

First, remove processed food from your diet. That will get your body moving in the right direction. You may not lose 16 pounds in three hours, but you’ll be on your way. And you’ll be tuning and cleaning up your chemistry, making your body a better, more efficient machine in the process.

Second, reduce the amount of stimulation in your diet; this stimulation is the reason you’re feeling tired. When people take in a lot of protein, they feel elated—because they are electrified by the protein. They’re getting so much false stimulation because their body has to remove so many toxins, and it’s so overly stimulated for this purpose. The stimulation is deceptive; it makes people feel as if they are healthy. The body has a natural equilibrium of stimulation based on the time of day. There’s a reason we don’t like to let our body be in equilibrium; it’s because when that’s the case, we don’t have the same control over our emotions.

The following is the safest and most logical way to tune your diet:

Wake up in the morning and have a glass of water. Then, wait for a few hours before you take anything else into your system. Spend time doing your cleaning duties of your household, your office, or your body. And slowly begin to think about your first meal and make sure that your first meal is something that is in alignment with your overall goal—being alive and healthy.

In addition to your overall goal, you should strive to not harm other creatures for our own selfish purposes.

This may sound a little preachy, and that’s not my intention. I’m just stating a point of view. Rather than seeing me as preachy, ask yourself, “why would I find someone preachy if they’re telling me to let other creatures live free from pain and suffering? Free from bleeding? Or free from any other extraordinary ways that we torture animals to kill them for food?”

I’m suggesting that we surrender that.

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