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Let Me Fix Your Fear of Juicing

There is no perfect juice formula that cracks the code that opens the gates to eternal life. All fresh juice formulas are amazing. Choose the mixtures in accordance with what you like and what produce is available to you.

The glycemic index is a paradigm that is used by people caught up in misinformation regarding traditional nutritional models. Such people generally don’t have experience with juicing. I have witnessed countless people with terrible body chemistry problems, including inflammatory diseases and diabetes, significantly improve their health just by drinking a reasonable amount of juice daily.

If a person drinks juice but still keeps a terrible diet, juice can add to their problems. This is because juice adds to their already excessive caloric pool.

Generally, when people start on a ‘juicing kick,’ they are unaware that they should be doing other things that are positive to their chemistry at the same time—e.g., more exercise, giving up desserts, eliminating processed food from their diets, and the like.

It so happens that while I’m writing this my wife is making juice on our home juicer and starting her juice cleanse, which she does each year for 10 days.

I find it odd that people who are afraid to drink juice on a regular basis will drink a few glasses of wine every week and think nothing of it, or will drink 12 ounces of coffee with 2 ounces of milk in it. I learned this from observing people by the thousands in my Juice Press business, paying close attention to their mentality and behavior.

Refined sugar and too much protein can harm you. Overeating can hurt you, and eating processed food is detrimental to your health—processed food is a chemistry disruptor.

Juice in its natural raw form will never harm you. In fact, the more of it that you drink while you stay on a routine, the more you might find your cravings for processed food or high amounts of protein to be reduced.

I can’t prove this, but my research and my mentor’s teachings strongly suggest that the juice helps remove endogenous toxic material from cells, which in effect should reduce physical cravings. Perhaps you’d like to give me some money to go out and scientifically prove this.

But it actually doesn’t make a difference whether or not you can prove that juice is good as a cure for something. Juice in essence consists of just all-natural plant-based calories. In the process of juicing, you’re just liquefying solid produce and removing most of the insoluble and water-soluble fiber. (What that means is that some of the fiber can be dissolved in water and some of it can’t be; instead, it will be pushed out with your waste.)

But all of this shouldn’t matter to most juice drinkers. Metaphorically, it’s comparable to driving a car. If you know how to push the pedal and make it go forward, you’re driving, whether or not you know anything about automotive technology. To consume juice, you only need access to a juice machine, electricity, produce, and a glass.

Don’t overthink it—just drink it.

There are many naysayers who will find excuses to criticize the idea of drinking juice. They are simply wrong. And they will not help you achieve the healthy lifestyle that you are hoping to find. Juice’s value in today’s world is that it’s an antidote, to some degree, to problems created by improper diet, excessive stress, and pollution in our environment.

One beautiful thing about juice is that you get an immediate positive effect from it; it tastes very good. The water and moisture in it feel good in the back of your throat. And if you’re drinking juice with enough calories in it, most of which will be coming from carbohydrates, you’ll have lots of energy to conduct physical processes.

When drinking juice you are consuming liquid calories. But if you’re used to a concentrated diet with rich food and heavy sauces, it will take you time to feel mentally satiated by a 300 calorie juice. Of course it will take longer to become used to and satiated by juices that contain fewer calories. But the good health that you will enjoy will make the process of getting acclimated to juicing very well worth the effort.

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