Food Poetry

Food Poetry

To share and learn, We yearn for food and nutrition's discern, Striving for a healthy diet's aim, To keep body and mind aflame.

Guided by exploration's hand, We seek understanding, expanding the land, Knowledge that benefits us all, Standing tall, never to fall.

Weight loss, a separate quest, Not the primary focus of our zest, For in matters of wellness and health, Truth and fairness are our wealth.

Let's converse about food and diet, Igniting a passion that's set alight, To improve and grow, we aspire, Letting knowledge inspire.

As I contemplate the human diet's role, I seek what makes an athlete whole, To keep me healthy, strong, and wise, With a clear mind that never denies.

For emotions too are entwined, The food we eat affects the mind, Enhancing sleep, focus, and more, Nurturing our core.

When health and wellness guide our way, Weight loss follows, we needn't sway, Our bodies find their rightful place, In harmony, with natural grace.

Let us choose food with utmost care, Nourishing body, mind, spirit rare, In doing so, we find our best self, Living abundantly, attaining inner wealth.

In the past centuries, we've come far, Aware that food impacts who we are, Before putting it in our mouth, We ponder its effects, north or south.

Will it strengthen or make us frail? Assist healing or let toxins prevail? No harm should linger, no poison stay, As we nourish our bodies, night and day.

Yet, life brings its share of imperfection, Coffee, alcohol, secondhand smoke's inflection, A bit of stress, a mistake or two, Our bodies cope, this we knew.

Strive for balance, strive for health, Aiming for 70 to 80 percent, in stealth, Healing and improvement as our guide, Living with grace and pride.

Fitness and self-care are an art, Mind and heart embracing every part, Psychology, spirituality, family's embrace, And tending to our body's space.

Exercise, hygiene, nature's touch, A puzzle fitting, oh so much, What do you seek from life's grand scheme? Believe in change, let go of extremes.

Compassion, the key to conquer fear, Meditation, a path to hold dear, Focus on compassion each passing day, Let your spirit soar, guiding the way.

Start with a word, a simple sound, Compassion, let it truly astound, Delve into definitions, publications high, Let compassion's meaning make you sigh.

Sit and contemplate, let it grow, Fill your heart with light's vibrant glow, Guide your actions, let it flow, Brightening the world, a gentle show.

Transformation, a radiant prospect, Visible around us, there's no neglect, Some find it swiftly, others slow, Compassion's power, let it bestow.

In this journey, as life unfolds, Lessons learned, stories untold, Compassion, the key, it's true, Conquering fear, shining through.

When I was young, just barely grown, I watched a movie, Kingsley's own, Gandhi's tale, an epic long, Compassion's spark, in my heart strong.

His dedication to non-violence pure, Lessons absorbed, a transformation sure, It took time, to fully embrace, The power of compassion's grace.

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