food pyschology

food pyschology

Another aspect to consider is our attachment to the pleasure derived from delicious food. It becomes such a source of satisfaction that the thought of surrendering it can be daunting. Additionally, we are creatures of habit, shaped by our past actions and choices. Each moment builds upon the previous one, forming a pattern that can be difficult to break. We become like programmed individuals, repeating our actions without much thought. Therefore, giving up food that we believe is the sole provider of our energy and sustenance can be terrifying.

To overcome this fear, remind yourself that you won't starve on a plant-based diet. There is an abundance of food and numerous choices available right in front of you. You can visualize a photograph of all the plants and walk into a large supermarket like Whole Foods to remind yourself of the vast array of options in the plant-based kingdom.

However, it's important to be mentally and emotionally prepared for this change and to have a genuine desire for it. Otherwise, you may find yourself longing for the foods you used to enjoy, similar to missing an ex-partner after a breakup. It's natural to feel sadness and even depression momentarily when you have to surrender the things that once brought you so much pleasure. Nonetheless, embarking on a plant-based diet is an excellent experiment—a short journey to take off the lenses you've been wearing and see how the colors and views shift from a completely different perspective. Your unique experience and perspective will differ from mine, but it's crucial to give yourself enough time to navigate through the various adjustments that come with such a significant dietary change

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