fat shaming

fat shaming

In matters of body size, I hold no concern,

For it is chemistry that truly discerns.

Unless health risks loom, or imbalance prevails,

I gently offer aid, if permission entails.

Humiliation, a cruel act indeed,

No one should endure such painful seed.

Especially when self-inflicted despair,

Deepens wounds, reinforcing the unfair.

My words aim not to shame, but to uplift,

To help those I love, their spirits to gift.

Inspired by masters, their teachings profound,

To serve humanity, let compassion resound.

This issue at hand, my purpose I see,

Fearless and transparent, I speak with glee.

With compassionate truth, devoid of harm,

My intentions pure, my words a soothing balm.

Progress takes time, a journey to embark,

Eating clean, a commendable spark.

I applaud your efforts, the changes you make,

With each step forward, progress awakes.

Manifestation, a word so grand,

Evoking creation by a supreme hand.

Likewise, we create, shape our own fate,

Affecting others with the choices we make.

Happiness, a quest that knows no end,

Can we elevate it, further ascend?

With detachment, pursue joy's delight,

Even if tomorrow holds no brighter light.

I met a man, a cancer's cruel prey,

Compassion enveloped me that day.

Not for ego's sake, nor to feel wise,

But to support him, his strength to recognize.

He became my teacher, in his presence I learned,

Facing mortality, his spirit undeterred.

We all share the same fate, life's final rhyme,

Yet we often deny it, as if lost in time.

The material world holds us in its grip,

Attachments and struggles, our souls oft slip.

But should we abandon all, in pursuit of bliss,

Or find balance, embracing what we'll miss?

Walking through scenarios, we ponder the way,

Releasing all possessions, where would it sway?

Compartmentalizing chapters, starting anew,

Adapting, finding purpose in a world askew.

Monastic life, a path for some to explore,

Yet character and morals, we can restore.

Being present, embracing emotions untamed,

Loving our children, never feeling ashamed.

Creating, contributing, without attachment's chain,

Sharing without profit, seeking no fame's gain.

The drive to help, where does it arise?

Perhaps it's habit, an addiction in disguise.

Selfishness intertwined, seeking personal gain,

Investing in happiness, a life's refrain.

The more we assist, the greater our delight,

A shared journey, where happiness takes flight.

So let us tread this path with open hearts,

Extending kindness, playing our unique parts.

For in service to others, we find our way,

A life of purpose, as we navigate each day.

In service to others, our purpose unfolds,

A life enriched, as compassion beholds.

Selflessness, not solely for personal gain,

But to create a world where love will reign.

In this journey, an investment we make,

In our own happiness, for joy's sake.

For true fulfillment lies not in possession,

But in spreading kindness, in every expression.

Let us reflect on the nature of our deeds,

The impact we have, the hearts it feeds.

The joy that blossoms when we lend a hand,

Creating ripples of goodness across the land.

As we navigate the twists and turns of life,

Let empathy guide us through struggle and strife.

To walk with others, to lend a listening ear,

To ease their burdens, to help them persevere.

For in the tapestry of humanity we weave,

Each thread connected, our destinies interleave.

No one superior, no one beneath,

All equal beings, deserving of belief.

So let us cherish the power we possess,

To alleviate suffering and bring happiness.

To extend compassion, in every direction,

Uniting hearts, transcending division.

In this vast universe, let love be our guide,

Embracing unity, with hearts open wide.

For we are all one, interconnected and true,

In our shared existence, beautiful and anew.

So let us continue, with compassion as our creed,

Spreading love's light, fulfilling our noble deed.

Together we thrive, in this journey we share,

For in service to others, we find purpose rare.

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