evolutionary shift towards higher consciousness

evolutionary shift towards higher consciousness

I have no judgment of negativity on any person. I have no animosity. I am just stating something that I have observed to be true, and that is evolution seems to move all creatures from the depths of the oceans towards a higher consciousness.

1. The Evolutionary Journey of All Creatures
All creatures are on an evolutionary journey, guided by nature, to phase out the dependency on the flesh of other animals. While animals do not choose this path, nature chooses it for them. However, these very creatures also develop a desire to shift from mere observation to active learning from one another, whether instinctual or not.

2. The Desire for Liberation through Adaptability
Adaptability in a creature's diet becomes a catalyst for liberation, allowing them to transcend the limitations of a single environment. By expanding their dietary choices, creatures gain the ability to explore diverse habitats and experiences.

As creatures evolve, they move towards a higher consciousness, driven by the natural course of evolution and a growing inclination to learn and adapt. By embracing new dietary possibilities and breaking free from reliance on the flesh of other animals, creatures broaden their horizons and embark on a transformative journey towards liberation and expanded consciousness.

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