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Cold Cuts & Weiner Dogs

Some people declare themselves to be meat eaters but are cautious regarding their dietary choices. I know a lot of people who think that they’re minimizing their health risks by taking measures such as eating only fish rather than red meat. Some detail about that is warranted, and I intend to address it in other articles, but this short article is only regarding processed meat products.

The worst processed meat products you can eat are the extremely low cost hot dogs available everywhere. Hot dogs fall below even the standards of the most well known of the really low cost fast food restaurants that serve incredibly unhealthy things. One such restaurant chain comes to mind. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to mention the name of the franchise, but it rhymes with schmick fonalds.

A hot dog that you might purchase from a vending cart typically consists of waste products from animals such as pigs. They often are made from the ground waste obtained from slaughterhouses.

This gets even worse. Hot dogs also contain preservatives, food colorings, and flavor-enhancing chemicals, all of which are very toxic.

Cold cuts in general, and hot dogs in particular, are processed meat products that are very hazardous to your health. The fact is that you will be far better off if you exclude all such items from your diet. Please avoid these!

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