cacao & compassion

cacao & compassion

Cacao is one of the Great Plant Medicines that opens the heart to feeling, especially if you believe it does and especially if one sets their intention to open their heart while consuming cacao. That is why chocolate is given on Valentine’s Day. If the heart is frozen, scared, broken, or hardened, we may benefit from developing our understanding of compassion to lead us to its healing.

Compassion is not a spiritual endeavor. It is the highest intellectual perception of the human mind. To perceive and then be able to live according to that perception requires either the mind of a child or great intelligence. Compassion is the only state of mind that can create steadiness in the moment. It’s difficult to imagine, but in due time if we are open to these ideas, compassion settles in. Everything is so positive through the eyes of compassion. It’s not that hard to achieve with the right effort. Ask all the great teachers of ancient knowledge. They will certainly validate this.

Start off with selfish acts of compassion. These are any of the things that you do to feel better while helping someone. It's A perfectly great place to start. Somewhere down the road you will take deep breaths, and you’ll feel truly selfless acts for your loved ones, for your community, for anyone really who is struggling and just trying to get through their existence and feel enjoyment the same way we wish to. It’s really just a great intellectual practice. For me it’s like putting together a puzzle with 10,000 pieces. It takes practice and patience, you have to visualize your mind and the puzzle completed.  The feeling of that is real- it’s happy and good. (Judgements intended here ) 

Compassion, an intellectual perception sublime, A profound event where mind's brilliance chimes. Flowing patterns, harmonizing mental realms, Life's practice, embracing compassion's helms. Open to the notion, a wondrous path we tread, Instruction needed for those who've bled. In time, with willingness, its beauty unfurled, Compassion's embrace mends the wounded world. Regain compassion, challenging but profound, Shielded by jaded experiences, we're bound. Show kindness to our inner child's protection, Self-compassion too, liberation's direction. Create a world of compassion, let it grow, Selfish acts of care, a starting glow. Soon selflessness blooms, deep breaths we take, Supporting loved ones, all who struggle and ache. Intellectual practice, like a puzzle grand, Patience and practice, mind's vision expand. Completion brings joy, a real and happy state, No judgment, just goodness, a puzzle's fate.

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