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Bio Hack B.S.

Health and wellness is a way of life for me, and it’s a joy for me to share my knowledge and opinions on the subject. I don’t mince words when I do so. Sometimes you’ll probably agree with me and like what I have to say, and sometimes you probably won’t.

I’d like to share with you my opinion of the term “biohack” and of products associated with that term.

This word is used by some in the supplement or health and wellness industry. It’s a marketing term that has nothing to do with reality.

The use of the term upsets me for two reasons in particular. One reason is the concept itself, and the other reason is the products that are associated with the term.

We’re all suckers for good marketing of products that make desirable promises. But the body does not need a hack. The body is a machine that has incredible self-healing powers, provided that you use it in accordance with it’s natural path.

There’s no pill that’s going to slow down your aging process or get rid of a mother-in-law that you can’t stand. But there are a few biohacking processes. One is to eliminate processed food, junk food, and garbage from your diet. That’s a biohack if ever there was one.

Another biohacking process is to stop buying ridiculous products and stop going on moronic diets. The products out there now that are considered to be biohacks would be terrible for people with any type of inflammatory illness, diabetes, or cancer.

The real problem is that people want to continue their lifestyle patterns that are very detrimental to their health. Rather than ceasing their bad lifestyle choices, they want something to fix them so that they can then continue making their mistakes.

I know that it’s difficult to stop making mistakes regarding dietary and other health-related choices. It’s also difficult to overcome food addictions and other compulsive behavior patterns that lead to health problems of many types.

Being well is also a mental process; you can’t just fix your physical body and leave your mental health unchecked; the two entities are inextricably connected. The body and the mind interact in ways that not even science can understand yet.

So another biohacking process I can highly recommend is the understanding that you must set your mind on improving both your mental and physical health. You must make doing that a daily practice. Laziness and fear will be impediments to your progress in doing so, so you must put them aside. To ensure that you will progress in improving mental and physical health, seek out a coach and one or more good mentors.

So get it out of your mind that there is a bone broth out there that’s going to solve all of your problems. There’s no collagen supplement, there’s no vitamin B12 energy supply, there’s no multivitamin, there’s no probiotic, there's no mineral, there’s nothing like that out there that’s going to fix all of your problems.

The information that I’m trying to present regarding significant dietary and lifestyle issues is not overwhelmingly accepted. This is so because I won’t sell feeling good at the price of intoxication of the body. What I want to sell you is enlightenment. I want to sell you better health facilitated by your own participation in it. I want to help make you well.

The solution to all of our problems is to go right to the root causes of them.The root causes of our problems stem from both our attitudes and thoughts and our diet and lifestyle patterns. It’s time to pick them apart and make whatever corrections are necessary.

Doing so may not be easy, but it can be done. And the rewards that you will get if you choose to do so will be overwhelmingly satisfying.

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