woke up people

woke up people

Currently, as you read these words, countless individuals around the world are awakening to higher truths. It's important to note that they are ordinary mortals, just like you and me, subject to the laws of the universe. They cannot escape the principles of physics. However, due to their circumstances and personal development, they are liberating themselves from the constraints of limited consciousness, transcending anxiety, and embracing a state of happiness, joy, and freedom.

Among them are those who live in a constant state of gratitude, experiencing love, and consciously taking deep breaths. These individuals feel a profound sense of oneness with all things. Some have learned to tame their ego, allowing their mental fluctuations to be gentle.

Often, these individuals cross paths on their journeys toward fulfilling their unique destinies. It may seem like a mystical or guru-seeking endeavor, but many of them genuinely enjoy helping others. While they discuss consciousness and offer guidance, I must admit, I maintain a level of skepticism toward those who solely focus on such pursuits. I question their motivations, as one can regurgitate ancient wisdom and modern psychology without truly embodying it. Merely sounding knowledgeable does not guarantee practicality.

Thus, I refrain from becoming too entangled with teachers. Instead, I listen to their knowledge and then decide its value for myself. Should a teacher attempt to draw me into their sphere, I inquire about their distractions and their intentions. Do they seek financial gain or crave validation? It is essential to scrutinize those who present themselves as experts, just as you should keep an eye on me.

Regarding my writing, I have no interest in soliciting your money. In fact, by the time you discover this, I may have long passed away. I simply enjoy discussing these topics as it helps me relax and quiet my mind without resorting to chemical substances or engaging in specific activities. By entering a stream of relaxed consciousness, my imagination flows freely. I deliberately refrain from using the word "intelligence" because what I express may not always be profound, but it will undoubtedly be creative—a work of art, from my perspective.

Observing people awaken within society fascinates me. They have likely been doing so throughout my entire life, although I was unaware of what it truly looked like. I frequently encounter individuals with bright, awakened eyes who have tapped into a unique power. This power does not revolve around monetary gain or the pursuit of accolades. Instead, it emanates from a serene state of mind—the ability to revel in the pure flow of consciousness. In my opinion, this is the greatest gift one can experience when thinking expansively.
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