What Makes Winky Angry?

What Makes Winky Angry?

To function properly, the male sex organ relies very heavily on good blood circulation.

The worst thing for winky is processed food. A poor diet marked by bad habits such as processed food consumption has consequences in addition to causing decreased energy levels (sexual and otherwise). And processed foods affect overall body chemistry such that hormonal functions and circulation are negatively impacted. Clogged arteries, diabetes, and heart disease, all known risk factors for ED, are inextricably linked to poor diet.

The first step in improving your diet is knowing what you should eliminate from it. First and foremost, eliminate both processed foods and excess protein. Too much protein can lead to clogged arteries. When that’s the case, you’re at risk of heart trouble, and….you guessed it: Winky is angry!

There are many ED drugs that make promises about helping you with your love life. But they may cause liver damage and many other negative side effects. Such drugs really can make you so sick that they are not worth the desirable short term benefits. So, please, please, focus on diet before anything else when you’re seeking to overcome sexual dysfunction.

Besides diet, one must examine emotional issues that may be related to sexual performance and functionality. Emotions and thoughts have an enormous impact on overall body chemistry, and it’s likely that the majority of cases of ED are inextricably linked to mental and emotional issues that need to be addressed. Therapy, meditation, and yoga are a few of the many tools that are recommended for those seeking to get to the roots of such problems and find solutions to them.

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