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What Makes VeeJayJay Angry?

Nothing upsets a woman’s private area more than highly processed and refined foods. An out-of-balance diet will have a profound effect on what goes on downstairs.

Another thing that causes problems in the boiler room is having an imbalance of probiotics in the digestive system. The digestive system is the first line of defense for the immune system as a whole. When we don’t have the right balance of good bacteria, bad bacteria can overproduce.

There are a lot of things that cause an imbalance of good flora. One in particular could be an antibiotic that was taken for a period of time. Other causes could be poor diet, stress, and hormonal issues.

Whenever a person has any type of uncomfortable problems in their basement, they should first look at their diet. Then it’s necessary to take actions to improve it.

First, eliminate processed foods. Second, stop eating late at night. Third, drastically reduce intake of animal protein. Fourth, eliminate dairy completely. Those are crucial beginning steps.

Some people believe that when a person has a problem in the engine room that they have to starve bacteria from any source of sugar. That’s not exactly the right solution, because a sugar molecule does not discriminate between good bacteria and bad bacteria. If you deprive your body of good sugar, you deprive both the bad bacteria and the good bacteria in your body.

In some ways the bad bacteria may have a mechanical advantage. Bad bacteria may pick up all the good sugar in your system and use it for fuel and multiplication. But the good bacteria that need the energy to fight the good fight could be left without a source of fuel if you eliminate the sugar from fruits and vegetables.

Certainly you want to eliminate all processed sugar immediately. This is a rule of thumb for all of your health issues. Doing so is difficult because processed sugar is prevalent in the foods that we buy from the supermarket. Even sugars that sound healthy are highly processed, refined, and concentrated. Since that’s the case, they really have a much more profound and negative impact on our chemistry than does the naturally occurring sugar found in fruit and starchy vegetables—the best source of energy.

I recommend that you perform a test on yourself. Go on a green diet for three days. It will be very difficult for you to get all of your calories, so you’ll likely feel weaker during that time. For that reason, take a break from exercise. Use that period of time to rest and to meditate.

What makes vee-jay-jay unhappy and angry? The same things that make every other organ in every other part of your body unhappy, four of them in particular: Environmental toxins and influences, poor lifestyle choices (such as smoking and drinking), negative thinking, and diet. Our diet has an enormous effect on what our bodies experience. That may sound blatantly obvious, but it’s easy to forget. You have to remind yourself of the paramount importance of proper diet over and over again.

When you’re standing in the supermarket or in front of the refrigerator, the choices you make will determine whether or not you struggle or thrive. You need not be concerned about the judgement of others. You should just make decisions on your own regarding what your goals are and then empower yourself to reach those goals through small daily actions.

What makes vee-jay-jay happy? Happy thinking, happy actions, and happy dietary practices.

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