What's Not Cool Post 2020?

What's Not Cool Post 2020?

Being in the retail business for all these years gave me the opportunity to meet countless numbers of people. I surveyed a bunch of people to understand what people thought was in style.

2020 was an epic and eventful year. It was certainly the most transformative year in my life second only to 2001.

Everything as we know it will be radically different post-2020. Especially in the retail sector.

There’s a bunch of things I think are really and I compiled that list as well. However, I think it’s equally important to contemplate “the uncool list'' to make sure we are always on the right side of timeliness.

Uncool things, in alphabetical order:

A border wall, academic snobbery, artificial intelligence, artwork in a coffee shop, bigotry, biohacking, dairy, dirty subways, confederate flags, conspiracy theories, curbside cocktails, Facebook, fossil fuels, Fox News, fracking, frisbee golf, get-rich-quick schemes, Ghislaine Maxwell, GMOs, greenwashing, hookah bars, hedge funds, high pressured pasteurized juice, junk food, keto diet, lamb chops, leather seats, mimes, monk fruit sweetener, paleo diet, pesticides, pipelines below water supplies, police brutality, QAnon, racism, sexism, single use plastic, sequined Uggs, spa radio on Spotify, speciesism, stereotyping, storming the Capitol, stress, UberPool, vandalism, vaping, veal chops, yurt hut outdoor dining, Zoom.

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