we don't have a messiah complex

we don't have a messiah complex

Hey, we're not claiming to be the Messiah here, so let's put the projections aside. Instead, let's embrace our inner Leonardo da Vinci complex. We aspire to create and invent things that are sometimes right, sometimes wrong—just like the interesting mix of people we encounter in life. Hahaha! Come on, crack a smile! Lighten up!

In the past, survival was a matter of life and death. Our ancestors were masters of hunting, foraging, collecting, gathering, and paying close attention to the beautiful dance between themselves and the natural world. But what happens when humanity loses touch with that? We end up shopping online and at Target. Sure, it's convenient, but what do we lose by becoming so "modern"? What are the consequences of domesticating ourselves, relying on stores, and disconnecting from nature?

Now, some may mock us and say, "Hey, we live longer today than ever before!" But you know what? That's a load of horsesh%t! Throughout history, people all over the globe have lived pretty long lives. Some didn't, of course. So, as you read this, think of it as an invitation to merge the old ways with the new. How can we embrace our technology and still love the Earth and its creatures? How can we reconnect with the Earth and still indulge in luxury-goods shopping? There must be a way to have our cake and eat it too. Oh, and speaking of cake, by the way, we sell cake. So, let's find that balance, have some fun, and enjoy the sweetness of life!
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