We are Cosmic Beings

We are Cosmic Beings

We are cosmic beings, exploring creation, searching for light.

When those unaware of these truths hear such words, they may scoff. But as individuals awaken, these same words begin to resonate with meaning.

Though our bodies may age and perish, the core of our existence—our essence—persists. The intricacies of this essence may be as elusive to articulate with precision as describing the totality of an apple's nature.

To truly connect with the essence of oneself, it is beneficial to cultivate a consistent practice of mindfulness throughout one's daily life and to engage in meditation focused on the breath. Life’s relentless demands often overshadow our ability to prioritize such practices. We are burdened with financial responsibilities, the quest for love, and the challenge of navigating complex emotions. Caught up in these experiences, it can be challenging to attune ourselves to the profound joy and peace that lie within.

Understanding the entirety of consciousness or our essence is not a prerequisite; recognizing its presence is sufficient. Once felt, we comprehend its timeless nature, brimming with profound knowledge. This knowledge, accessible to our minds and ego, can be harnessed to pose questions that tune us in and guide us towards a more fulfilling existence.

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