true wellness: embrace bacteria power!

true wellness: embrace bacteria power!

In the wisdom of ancient teachings, let it be known that one must not succumb to the confinement of excessive concern over good health. Anxiety and fear can overwhelm the soul, leading it to be consumed by worries about longevity, weight, ailments, and injuries. Such hyper-vigilance can cloud the mind, causing one to fret over the presence of bacteria in their environment and body.

Yet, contemplate this truth: within you dwells a vast realm of bacterial life, constituting about 89% of your being, while the remaining 11% represents your human cells. Fear not the bacteria you perceive, for much of it already exists within or upon you. Your body, a wondrous creation, has traversed the course of evolution through the ages, harmonizing with nature's grand design. Countless healing processes lie within, awaiting activation. It is the realm of the mind and our behavioral choices that hinder our innate healing power.

Shun the path of becoming a prisoner to anxieties, and do not enslave others with such worries. Instead, seek balance through awareness of these concerns and attain knowledge of the body's workings and chemistry. Embark on the journey of improvement by liberating yourself from processed foods – a commendable feat in itself. As the years unfold, living free from processed foods will naturally guide you towards a lifestyle of greater purity and well-being.

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