turn dark into light

turn dark into light

Imagine how wonderful it would be if as a society we worked very hard to rehabilitate people who deviated from goodness and truth. Even if we failed every single person who we tried to help, we would increase the consciousness of humanity to a higher and more positive level. This wouldn't be because we change the darkness in individual souls to light. Rather it would be because we amplified the light in our own souls.

Amplifying light takes considerable effort. It takes emotional healing work. It takes practice employing the right thoughts and the right actions every day. It takes time. And above all, it takes surrendering behaviors that keep a person from attaining mental and emotional health and wellness.

Behavioral improvement will help a person cope, face anxiety, and relax. And it will help one develop positive intuition, which will in turn help with problem-solving capability.

We all have problems. But positive intuition combined with intelligence will help us both solve our own problems and enhance society as we go about doing so.

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