the word divine

the word divine

The word "divine" can be used to describe something that is of or related to a higher power or a transcendent realm. In the context of creation, "divine" can refer to the idea that there is a profound and mysterious force or energy that underlies the universe and gives rise to all living things. This force or energy can be seen as something that is beyond human understanding and yet intimately connected to all aspects of life. The concept of the divine in creation can also evoke feelings of awe, wonder, and reverence for the natural world and our place within it.

Divine, a word that speaks of realms unknown,

Of mystery and power beyond our own,

In creation, it hints at something grand,

A force that underlies all life and land.

It speaks of something vast and intertwined,

A presence felt but not so easily defined,

A source of wonder, awe, and reverence too,

For all that's natural, and for me and you.

The divine in creation, an eternal theme,

A glimpse of something greater, it would seem,

That fills our hearts with hope and inspiration,

And guides us towards a deeper realization.

So let us ponder on this sacred word,

And all the mysteries that it has stirred,

For in its essence, we may come to find,

A truth that speaks to all of humankind.

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