the ultimate knowledge is yoga

the ultimate knowledge is yoga

Yoga teaches us to explore the depths of our subconscious mind—a natural progression in yoga teachings that we have been striving towards for millennia. The profound wisdom of yoga guides us in leading a virtuous life, avoiding harm to the collective subconscious of other beings that eventually intertwines with our own consciousness.

Through yoga practices, we learn to navigate our lives without causing further damage, mending our paths to prevent intentional trauma. However, a robust and direct connection between modern psychology and ancient yoga technology has been lacking. Now, the time has come to acknowledge the significant teachings that all awakening individuals can contribute to the collective consciousness through conversations and dedicated practice.

Let us remember that it is during our childhoods that we often experience fragmentation. Every one of us is born inherently perfect and good; there has never been a "bad" child. Yet, as we grow, the adults around us unravel the fabric of our innate perfection. It is now our responsibility to teach humanity how to care for the young, a task that will span thousands of years. Each one of us can make an impact. Moreover, yoga has taught us the importance of nurturing the Earth, which is an extension of our physical body. Sadly, our connection with the Earth has suffered over the past few centuries. We must reflect on how we allow others to treat our shared body—the Earth.

We are all interconnected, and in this reality, it is nighttime. It is our collective duty to usher in the day through our practice, meditation, and devotion.

The yoga mat serves as a metaphor for the limited space required to practice yoga. While we physically perform exercises on a 2 x 6 mat, stepping off the mat reveals an infinite space. Wherever we go, the space around us becomes our yoga mat, and we continue practicing mindfulness, deep breathing, and compassionate principles that align with our natural state.

Individuals grappling with severe anxiety may find it challenging to engage in a daily practice. However, by consistently showing up on your mat and practicing regularly, anxiety gradually diminishes over time. Meditation and focused breathing nourish the brain with oxygen. It is crucial to follow a meditation practice that promotes deep breathing. We must all commit to diligent practice.
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