The Significance of Self-Esteem in Psychology and Philosophy

The Significance of Self-Esteem in Psychology and Philosophy

Hey, if you guys are into psychology at all, no or any kind of philosophy, the most important thing to study is the concept of self-esteem because that’s actually what we’re trying to build and maintain throughout our entire lives.

1. Self-Esteem: Rooted in Caretakers and Community
Our self-esteem, which really equals self-love, is 100% dependent on the love that is given to us by our caretakers and our community. We develop ideas about ourselves by what is being said, and whether or not people care for us. We miss you for how well our needs are met. Our deeds are not bad. We can interpret that as us not being worthy.

2. Damaged Self-Esteem and its Effects
All the most dangerous people in the world have had their self-esteem damaged, terribly at some point in their lives. You have to have a shattered self-view to go out and destroy things and to create havoc. This should be obvious it’s not. It’s all about self-esteem.

3. Building Self-Esteem: Identifying and Repairing
One way to build self-esteem is to identify what is broken in the first place then fill your self-esteem tanks with a steel ball ax. Which is one of the reasons why service work is so important because it’s such a self-esteem building thing ha ha ha.

4. Overcoming Delusions and Childhood Influences
It’s so hard for me to understand how people cannot see that, but that is the nature of the delusions we fall under because of the stress of life and of course our childhood treatment. Once we are under age, where we are mature enough to do the work, and aware enough to know that there’s work to be done and oftentimes we are so incredibly set in our patterns. Hard to think of how we would ever stop thinking and behaving a certain way. The way to do that is to have the willingness to change first and then take it step by step. Taking things step by step is very difficult for people who have nerves that are frazzled or they’re hypersensitive to anxiety because it is work and does require patience.

5. Developing Character and the Link to Self-Esteem
What is difficult for us to think of ourselves as doing the work it’s only because we have to build our character up. Our character is directly affected by Lil self-esteem. We don’t develop our character fully if our self-esteem is broken. The way we develop character is also by two good things: seeing good things spreading happiness and taking care of our side of the street. Apologizing. Living a life of non-harm, and non-violence. Get out of the loop and try not to perpetuate the problems that already are here on this earth for the creatures and for humans. It seems really logical to think like this and yet it’s still not super easy because we are oftentimes hopelessly stuck in the quicksand of our senses and our conditioning.

6. Breathing Exercises and Meditation for Inner Growth
If you’re looking for a direct path, I would highly recommend doing breathing exercises and just sticking through meditation practices 3 to 5 minutes a day. I just keep building it up.

7. The Importance of Daily Exercise and Physical Well-being
If you’re capable, exercise every day. And don’t take any days off. You could have some days that are restful in your exercising, but do something whether it’s walking, climbing stairs, doing jumping jacks. That's the kind of stuff for me to do on your days off on your days and work your ass off work hard enough to make vast improvement. Don’t get lazy with that, because then, if the physical body starts to break down or become weak or experience pain, the mind will struggle and suffer with that because the mind of the body is the same. It works both ways, you know. Your mind is chasing your body and your body just has to run out-of-the-way for your entire life. Sometimes you get tired and the kookiness in your mind catches up. Oh boy, does that bring your body down, does that give you wrinkles and gas, absolutely that’s why it’s important to incorporate the breathing, the relaxation, the reading, the writing, chatting, doing handstands, gardening, washing the exterior of your house.

8. Daily Order and Preventing the Snowball Effect
It’s important to do things that keep cleaning and keeping your life in order every day. That’s how we’re designed. We can't let it slip away because the snowball effect will happen. If we let our positive habits fall away day by day, then we will find ourselves at a very very deep part of the ocean all by ourselves. We will have to wait for a giant storm to happen so we can catch a wave back to see if we’re lucky. Instead, maintain the physical body and maintain your mind or follow the aging practices that recommend breathing and meditation and prayer follow any philosophy that teaches you nonviolence and to Transcend above a killing destructive human.

Incorporating self-esteem building practices, understanding the link between self-esteem and character development, and taking care of both the mind and body are essential aspects of leading a fulfilling life. By embracing these concepts and engaging in daily practices, individuals can cultivate self-esteem, improve their overall well-being, and transcend the negative patterns that hinder personal growth and happiness.
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