The 7th Law of the Universe

The 7th Law of the Universe

The seventh fundamental principle of the universe is that everything in the material world seeks equilibrium. The existence of chaos is due to the possibility of an opposing equilibrium.

Chaos and harmony are opposing forces in the material universe. If chaos were to prevail indefinitely, the entire universe would collapse, leading to destruction and annihilation.

Nothing would emerge victorious, and we would return to a state of absolute nothingness. Reflecting upon this principle is crucial because it allows us to draw parallels between the nature of the universe and the workings of the human mind.

The human mind is a reflection of the universe, and by understanding it, we can gain insights into society and another rule of the natural world: that good and evil are opposing forces.

Evil can bring disaster, suffering, and chaos, while good can bring love, compassion, peace, cooperation, happiness, and all things positive. In the world we inhabit, it is essential for good to always triumph over evil. Failing to uphold this balance would result in the cessation of all existence as we know it.

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