teach don't preach

teach don't preach

Oh, preaching philosophy is a risky business, my friend. We dive into these deep thoughts, thinking we're all knowledgeable and fancy like we know it all, especially in Paris (or wherever we may be). But let's face it, what we know is just the tip of the iceberg for any subject. It's like we're philosophizing and sounding like we're talking in absolute truths, but in reality, it's a big indicator that we don't really know jack about that something.

And when we start preaching to others, telling them that our so-called knowledge will lead them to liberation from suffering or save their souls, guess what? We're talking about nothing! Zilch! Nada! It's all just a way for us to feel better about ourselves, to soothe our own anxieties, and to give ourselves a false sense of importance.

So let's embrace the humility, my friend. Let's acknowledge that we're all in this grand game of life, fumbling around with incomplete knowledge and just trying to make sense of it all. And hey, if preaching helps us cope, well, at least we're getting some therapy for our own crazy minds, right? Haha! Cheers to the absurdity of it all!
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