stupid rocks

stupid rocks

Why are clichés often found in mindfulness articles, books, or posts featuring images of smooth rocks stacked on top of each other? What is the hidden meaning behind this representation of mindfulness? Does stacking rocks hold a deeper symbolism, or are we simply following a trend set by the first person to use this cliché?

To me, the answer lies in observing nature and appreciating the inherent balance and symmetry it possesses. When we witness the creation of an artificial formation like a stack of rocks, we begin to comprehend the immense mindfulness and consciousness required to achieve balance in the natural world. Consider the intricate balance that permeates the universe and all its creations.

Although it may appear to be a simple exercise, stacking rocks demands our utmost concentration and mindfulness, mirroring the intricate stacking of elements throughout the cosmos. Without our focused attention, the rocks would inevitably tumble down. Furthermore, the selection of suitable rocks that harmonize with one another is essential; otherwise, our efforts would be in vain. Through this seemingly uncomplicated act, we gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness.

While one might argue that stacking hamburgers on a barbecue in your backyard wouldn't convey an appetizing message to others and lacks practicality and visual appeal, the true profundity of an image depicting rocks stacked on top of each other lies in the mindful effort required to achieve balance. Thus, the arrangement of rocks, each resting upon the other, serves as a powerful representation of mindfulness.
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