Enlightenment, in my perspective, lacks a definitive meaning as it cannot be adequately conveyed through a singular explanation. It represents a profound shift in consciousness from one state to another.

Although I frequently employ the term "enlightenment" in my writing, I find it to be just another word that may lack tangible significance. Instead, I prefer to utilize the term "shift" to describe my personal encounters with enlightenment.

Throughout my life, I experience continuous shifts in thinking and awareness, unless I find myself ensnared in unconscious attachments such as suffering, addictive behavior patterns, ignorance, past traumas, present-day stress, and anxieties.

These shifts can occur gradually over the course of years, evading notice until I carefully examine my level of awareness. Alternatively, they can manifest abruptly, like a sudden flash of realization.

These shifts signify progress and the development of wisdom, alterations in behavioral patterns, the organization of thoughts, the surrendering of thought processes, the elimination of negative thinking, comprehension, and the transmission of compassionate ideas to others.

The presence of fixed "mindsets" can impede our growth, as we should strive for fluidity in our philosophies. Of course, this fluidity should not extend to the point where we neglect basic hygiene practices. Instead, we ought to be flexible in how we interpret things and avoid becoming excessively rigid in our concepts and judgments.

I adhere to a moral code and embrace guidelines of goodness. Within this framework, compassion occupies a central position. Non-harm forms the foundation of this code, followed by the principle of taking action without excessive preoccupation with the results. Engaging in endless philosophical discussions is counterproductive. Instead, I write down my thoughts, release them, and proceed forward.

I cannot spend my entire day sitting in a lotus pose, meditating, waiting for a shift to occur. I must venture out into the world and perceive all my interactions as a form of seated meditation, wherein I connect with my breath and engage with each experience. My life is akin to a walking meditation, fostering relationships with everything in the cosmos. It is my responsibility to actively participate in guiding all relationships toward a state of peace, starting with myself.
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