pain: written by Proximate, a visitor from another planet

pain: written by Proximate, a visitor from another planet

Pain, an unsettling presence for most of us, both emotionally and physically, remains an inescapable facet of existence on your planet. The profound reality of our journey on Earth is undeniable: the touch of pain, both physical and emotional, accompanies us without fail. Sometimes, these two forms of pain intertwine, weaving together into a complex tapestry of sensation.

In the realm where pain manifests, its power is undeniable. It serves as a poignant reminder that life pulses through our veins. This realization is indeed striking—to find our vibrant existence amid the labyrinthine passages of our thoughts and mental explorations. Frequently, we become entangled in the recesses of our minds, losing connection with the visceral experience of being alive.

Moments of intense pleasure or pain awaken our dormant senses, reigniting the flame of life within. It's undeniable that most beings, whether ordinary individuals or enlightened souls, gravitate toward the embrace of pleasure. After all, who would willingly choose pain over joy? Even the most profound meditator, the sagest yogi, or the wisest guide, though liberated from attachment, would undoubtedly favor the realm of bliss. If anyone advocates embracing pain over pleasure, I would too, swiftly veer from their path.

Nevertheless, wise teachers offer an alternate perspective—an invitation to confront pain, to acknowledge its presence, and not evade its existence. I wholeheartedly concur with this profound teaching. However, my aim isn't to embrace pain or find comfort in its presence. Instead, I navigate its treacherous terrain, working alongside it, accepting it as it arises. Amid its grip, tears may flow, and solace is found in the simple rhythm of breathing until the tempest subsides.

If, by chance, my beloved wife or one of my cherished daughters enters the chamber, providing respite through a gentle caress of my brow and a comforting grasp of my hand, relief washes over me. Another soul's presence, extending their physical support, offers a soothing balm to my weary self. Such moments highlight a fundamental truth about the human condition—an affirmation to embrace the healing touch of others into our lives. In this sacred communion, compassion blooms. And as the pain recedes and dawn's light pierces the darkness, I shall carry the memory of those who eased the suffering of fellow travelers on this arduous path.

If I were to solely embrace pain, asserting mastery over its hold, I would forfeit life's greatest treasures and lessons: the comfort of companionship and the unity formed with others. By invoking compassion, I extend care not only to fellow humans, but also to winged creatures, buzzing bees, vibrant blossoms, towering trees, noble pigs, gentle sheep, majestic cows, and playful goats. All these creatures and more share this fleeting moment in our shared expanse of life.

Indeed, pain serves as a profound teacher, guiding us along the path of self-discovery. Yet, pain isn't my confidant or ally. It operates as a crucible, forging my strength and shaping the essence of my character and mind. However, I don't revel in pain, nor do I anticipate its arrival eagerly. Instead, I navigate its tumultuous currents, ever aware of the lessons it imparts, while seeking solace in compassion and the profound interconnectedness with every living soul.

Certainly, I recognize pain's unfortunate nature. Thoughtfully, I gauge its presence, for it is this understanding that shields me from touching scorching stoves or leaping off cliffs in vain attempts to land on delicate toes. If pain weren't so aversive, the noble philosophies advocating the end of suffering would crumble into falsehood.

Alas, pain, in its diverse forms, will arrive at your doorstep. Yet, even in the face of such adversity, you possess the power to navigate this challenging terrain with resilience and grace. Amid the throes of pain, an opportunity emerges to cleanse the chambers of your mind. Within the crucible of discomfort, you may delve into the deepest corners of your character flaws and imperfections. Memories of transgressions committed, the harm inflicted on others during this journey of life, will come to the fore. Contemplating these misdeeds might evoke tears, flowing like a child's innocent cries. Through tears, energy is released, alleviating the burden of suffering. In this poignant moment, truth unveils itself, and breath becomes your steadfast companion. Allow the names of those you've wronged to form a list within your mind, cultivating a readiness to make amends if the opportunity arises.

Furthermore, as you confront pain and suffering, you'll also bear witness to those who have caused deep wounds to your being. Merge the pain residing in your body with the anguish harbored within your heart. Allow the physical agony to catalyze the transformation of your soul's wounds. Bind them together, so that as you heal from bodily afflictions, the ache within your heart shall dissipate in harmony.

Indeed, pain is unwelcome, and its presence is undeniable. Yet, within this crucible of suffering lies the potential for profound growth and awakening. Embrace the opportunities it presents to cleanse your mind and heart, mend broken relationships, and emerge as a more compassionate and whole-hearted soul on this voyage through the ebbs and flows of existence.

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