transcending opposites: spiritual growth journey

transcending opposites: spiritual growth journey

Opposites serve as the foundation for the existence of things within the material universe, but their significance is confined solely to this realm. In the vast expanse beyond matter, the concept of opposites loses its relevance.

Within our material universe, which encompasses an immense number of particles and complex matter, the notion of "little" finds its definition in relation to "big." Even without human observation or description, this relationship simply exists as it is.

The existence of "over" depends on the existence of "under," and both concepts coexist as opposites. Similarly, the concept of "closed" is necessary for the existence of "open." This fundamental law of opposites is responsible for the creation of karma, which represents the principle of cause and effect.

The origin or designer of this law is beyond the grasp of the human mind. Our comprehension is limited by our mathematical knowledge, and our minds are not equipped to fully understand the vast nature of reality. In the modern world, our focus is often limited, preventing us from attaining absolute compassionate thinking. However, in a state of profound awareness, the human mind would perceive the interconnectedness of almost all things, leading to a dissolution of the self and a return to oneness with a higher power.

Rather than seeking knowledge about the creator of natural laws, it is more beneficial to dedicate our lives to following these laws with love, compassion, wisdom, and self-restraint. Avoid pursuing power and refrain from taking pride in being a teacher; instead, find pride in being a perpetual student. I acknowledge that I have limited knowledge.

My mind is still developing, and I am unable to remember every detail. I can be easily distracted and experience emotions. I also have a birth sign and carry the weight of karma. However, I am on a path of healing and self-realization. The existence of paradoxes is profoundly beautiful. I prioritize the care of my physical body while harboring no fear of death. Fear does not control me because I understand the temporary nature of all things, even those that last for two decades.

Everything is in a constant state of change. It is crucial to remain focused, awaken from the illusion of the dream state, and connect with the sensations of the body through the breath.

Please refrain from mocking my words, as they provide a path to success. I assure you that I am trustworthy.

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