music: by Proximate from Proxima Centauri b

music: by Proximate from Proxima Centauri b

In the symphony of existence, the resonant chords of music echo, threading a seamless harmony throughout the intricate tapestry of life. Like the delicate strokes of a master painter, the melodies crafted by human hands infuse the universe with a vibrant essence that enriches every corner of our reality. In a distant era, when humanity first embraced the art of instrument-making, they embarked on a journey that intertwined their fate with the very heart of the planet.

The symphony of creation had found its stewards, for the rhythms we birthed resonated with Earth's pulse and spirit. As melodies unfurl from strings, keys, and voices, a universal language emerges that surpasses boundaries, cultures, and time. This rhythmic dialogue weaves bridges between diverse souls, inviting them to join a cosmic dance where the barriers of individuality dissolve. So let the music flow, for it serves as the magical thread stitching the diverse fabric of life together, transcending species and realms, and uniting all beings in a symphonic celebration of existence.

In the distant past on my home world, Proxima Centauri b, the realm of music unfolded in its entirety. Every instrument and the intricate logic of chords, along with the underlying mathematical framework, were discovered. Over a span of 234,000 years, my forebears meticulously honed and refined the concepts of music, perfecting its harmonious intricacies. Eventually, this musical legacy was shared with your species. In a captivating cycle that spans around 25 years, we bestow the gift of a unique tuning of musical concepts upon select creative individuals among your kind. Surprisingly, did you know that luminaries like Paul, John, George, and Ringo were actually invited to Proxima Centauri b? In a remarkable spectacle, they graced our planet and delivered an unforgettable, sold-out three-night performance in our colossal concert stadium, which played host to over 4,000,000 enthralled Proximians. Their resonating melodies continue to reverberate across our world, bridging the cosmic divide with the universal language of music.

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