mr philosopher

mr philosopher

Haha, hold on there, Mr. Philosopher! So you claim to be a philosopher by trade, huh? Well, I guess that gives you the divine right to open your mouth and grace us with your wisdom. But hey, don't forget that being a philosopher also means you've got to open those ears of yours and actually listen. It's a 2:1 ratio, my friend—listen for two minutes, speak for one. We can't have you hogging all the airtime with your profound thoughts.

Now, before you get all defensive, let's get one thing straight: we're not judging you just because you write and pretend to know stuff. We all have our creative outlets, and if writing is yours, then good on you! You're doing something positive for yourself, and that's worth celebrating. And hey, if there are haters out there boo-hooing about it, who cares? They can hate all they want because guess what? You love them too! Spread that love, my philosophical friend!

So, keep on writing and sharing your thoughts with the world. That's what we were designed to do—express ourselves, create, and put our stuff out there. So go ahead, post it everywhere! And if anyone gives you flak, just shrug it off and keep doing your thing. We've got your back, fellow philosopher!
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