lost episode of seinfeld #322: the menu mystery

lost episode of seinfeld #322: the menu mystery

[Jerry's apartment]

Jerry: You know, I don't understand these new restaurants. It used to be simple, you walk in, you sit down, and they bring you a menu. But now, you walk in and it's like entering a maze. No signs, no menu boards, just an empty room with a refrigerator and cabinets.

George: I hear ya, Jerry. It's like they expect us to be mind readers. How are we supposed to know what they sell and how much things cost?

Jerry: Exactly! And don't get me started on those printed menus. They're so complicated nowadays. They should just give us a plain and simple book with all the options laid out.

[Monk's Café]

Elaine: I went to this new restaurant last night, and I swear, it was the weirdest thing. They had this wacky menu with jokes and riddles. I couldn't figure out what was what!

Kramer: Oh, I love wacky and wild! Makes dining so much more interesting.

Jerry: But what about the basics? You know, when you're in a rush and just need something quick. They should have a menu that's easy to follow, nothing complicated.

[Jerry's apartment]

Jerry: And another thing, the layout of these places is all wrong. The point of purchase should be right by the entrance. I don't want to walk a mile just to order my food.

George: You're right, Jerry. And what's with the long queues? It's like they don't care about our time.

Jerry: Exactly. I mean, the chaos can be entertaining, but it shouldn't interfere with making a purchase. And don't get me started on those menu boards. The height is critical. It's like they expect us to be basketball players just to read the specials.

Elaine: And what about when you're bored? They should have something to keep you entertained near the point-of-sale, so you don't forget what you read.

Kramer: Hey, Jerry, how about this? When you walk into the store, they have a sign that says, "Simon says welcome," with your name on it. And the distance from the door to the point of purchase should be as close as possible.

Jerry: Now that's an idea, Kramer. A personalized welcome and convenience. I could get behind that.

[Monk's Café]

George: You know what would be really revolutionary? A restaurant that just has a menu with pictures of the dishes. No words, just mouthwatering images.

Jerry: Yeah, then they wouldn't even need to explain anything. People could just point and order.

Elaine: I don't know, George. What if they mix up the pictures? You could end up with something totally different from what you expected.

Kramer: Oh, that's the beauty of it! Surprise dining! It's like a culinary adventure.

Jerry: Well, I guess there's something for everyone when it comes to menus. But I still miss the good old days of simple choices and straightforward dining.

[They all nod in agreement as they continue their conversation over a cup of coffee.]

[End scene]

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