life coaches

life coaches

Ah, the modern-day life coach, a seeker of wisdom,
Sometimes veers off the path, leaving others in bewilderment.
They claim to know the way, but their actions betray,
A rift between words and deeds, hypocrisy on display.

Such inconsistency breeds doubt, a barrier to the heart,
For those who seek guidance, their trust falls apart.
Meditation's grace, a pearl beyond compare,
Yet tainted by association, people turn away in despair.

To be a true master, let actions and words align,
Embody the teachings, let wisdom brightly shine.
Dissolve the self, let ego dissipate,
In unity and truth, find a deeper state.

Be the calm waters, still and serene,
Reflecting the moon's beauty, with a heart so clean.
For in the light of authenticity, the seeker finds the way,
To accept the wisdom offered, and embrace a brighter day.

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