Journey to Blissful Self-Awareness.

Journey to Blissful Self-Awareness.

Love is indeed a wonderful feeling, but it is only the beginning of the beautiful emotions we can experience as we strive to attain a higher state of bliss. The throne of bliss can be challenging to explain poetically, but let's imagine the sensation a one-month-old baby feels when it's hungry, scared, lonely, and cold. Just before the baby cries out for help, a caring mother, father, or caretaker comes in, intuitively anticipating the baby's needs and providing the necessary care. The relaxed feeling the child experiences in such a moment can be likened to the most spiritual experience one can have in their body.

Sadly, not everyone had the privilege of experiencing such high-level euphoria in their childhood. Many of us faced traumas and difficult thought patterns that led to suffering. Early childhood experiences can have a profound impact on our lives, causing us to build elaborate personality adaptations that often make us lose touch with our true selves.

As we grow older and gain more life experience, we can become aware of this internal conflict and start simplifying our lives and purifying our minds. However, striving for perfection is not necessary or realistic. Instead, we should focus on recognizing and understanding our deep motivations, which may lead to anxiety and pain.

Acknowledging that we all have experienced challenging circumstances in our past is essential. It is human nature to deny or block painful memories, but it's okay to journey through these aspects of our past to understand how they continue to influence us and work on changing harmful patterns. Self-help allows us to reflect on our thoughts and motivations and find ways to tackle any negative personality traits.

The ability to change is what makes human beings unique and fascinating. Consciousness is continually expanding, and each successive generation becomes more aware of the universe. The universe itself goes through cycles of progress and destruction, and we are currently experiencing a progressive cycle.

Instead of judging those who seem to be asleep or unaware, we should understand that many people are living in a self-made dream, choosing moments of wakefulness or slumber throughout their lives. Our vulnerability is highest when we are very young, and if someone disrupts our path to awakening during that time, we may develop protective barriers that shield us from both negative and positive experiences.

Now that we are grown up and safe, we can look back at our past, explore the emotions that arise, and share our experiences to help ourselves and others heal. It is a safe journey of self-discovery, understanding, and growth.
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