Slumber's Sweet Decree

Slumber's Sweet Decree

In the realm of dreams, where slumber resides, A wondrous world where our weariness hides, Sleep, the gentle embrace of night's tender hand,

Unfolds a tapestry of health, so grand. As twilight descends and stars take their place, The body seeks solace, a tranquil space,

In sleep's sweet embrace, we find our release, A respite from the burdens that never cease.

Oh, sleeping, thou art a healer of strife, Restoring our spirits, rejuvenating life, For in the arms of Morpheus we find, A sanctuary where body and soul intertwine.

Deep within the realm of peaceful repose, The body heals, regenerates, and knows, A restorative dance, an internal ballet,

Where cells mend and ailments drift away. When slumber sweeps us, magic unfolds, Like a symphony of healing, untold, Our minds are cleansed, thoughts gently refined,

Unveiling the treasures of our creative mind. The benefits abound, both subtle and clear, Sleep nourishes the body, dispelling fear,

It strengthens our immune system's might, Shielding us from ailments day and night.

The heart finds solace in the embrace of dreams, A rhythm restored, a symphony redeemed, Blood pressure lowers, the pulse finds its grace,

In the realm of slumber, life finds its pace. Our mental well-being finds solace in sleep, A refuge from worries that often run deep, Anxiety wanes as dreams take their flight, Embracing our minds with tranquility's light.

So, cherish the hours of restful embrace, A gift bestowed upon the human race, For in the land of dreams, we find release, And awaken refreshed, our souls at peace.

Sleep, the lullaby that cradles our being, In its gentle arms, our vitality's freeing,May we honor its gifts, and each night's decree, To nurture our bodies, in slumber's sweet decree.

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