if thou art a pupil of philosophy…

if thou art a pupil of philosophy…

If thou art a pupil of philosophy,

Thou art privy to four subjects worth energy,

To ponder and solve their associated mystery:

The nature of mind, consciousness, ego, and memory;

Our morality, personalities, and the body;

The nature of society, governance, and leadership role,

Politics, corruption, warfare, and the ultimate goal,

Of non-violence and peace, a harmonious whole;

The marvels of the earth, the moon, and the stars,

The sun, the solar system, the galaxy afar,

And beyond, the universe, the cosmic memoir;

And lastly, the nature of the Creator divine,

The origin of all, the beginning of time.

Begin with self, the most local event,

Study thyself deeply, all the Great Teachings attest,

As each decade passes, grow more glorious, blessed,

With natural wisdom from the Source, divine and manifest.

The first of these four wondrous domains,

Is where you begin, where Self reigns.

An easy subject to explore and learn,

In which all the Great Teachings yearn.

As the decades pass by, oh so fine,

You'll grow evermore glorious in your shrine.

For the natural wisdom, it flows from the Source,

The Divine, whether logic or mystic, sets its course.

This unknowable entity, beyond our grasp,

Yet through contemplation, our magic we clasp.

Patience is key, expansion will come,

Living a moral life, or not, judgment is none.

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