If I Were The Divine Creator

If I Were The Divine Creator

What a boring universe this would be if it were just filled with unconscious things swirling about!

A world that consisted of only unconscious objects would be quite boring. If I were the creator and I made a universe filled with unconscious objects, I would look all around and I would wonder what would happen if all the objects suddenly became aware of something. I’d then create something that would be aware of itself and also possibly become aware of me. That would entertain me!

I’d be curious to “see” if I could create a thing that was so technical and precisely crafted that “it” could become aware that “it” existed and had an origin: ME!

It would be no easy task to create this. I’d need to invent conditions like the five senses, free will, and feelings. I’d have to create circumstances like birth and death. Those two things would really get other big events going!

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